Monday, December 28, 2009

I See You

Holiday connections had temporarily suspended my blogging. From connecting to the road, to my family, to my children, my husband, my mother, my siblings, and to the pervasive spirit - I was a bit busy. As I'm sure we all are. I thank all those who continued to blog over the past few days...please know I've been reading & thoroughly enjoying them.

I went last night with my husband to see Avatar. We generally aren't movie go-ers (though the fact that both children now sit through a whole one may change that) and I am not a typical sci-fi person. However, we were kid-free for a night (thanks grandma!), and we'd seen a preview for the 3D version of Avatar at another movie and knew it had to be on our list of to-do's.

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I simply cannot express my amazement.

It is sticking with me like very few others do. Not only is it a beautiful movie, as my husband expressed, with fanciful plants and worlds & graceful movements, but the message(s) are awakening something within me.

I dreamed in Pandora last night. I worked out this morning imagining running through the beautiful forests. It may be a bit odd, but it is working.

For those who have not seen the movie - first, I highly recommend that you do. While I cannot promise you'll like it (as we all have different tastes) - you may find a message in it that will speak to you or, at the very least, be treated to a sensory feast. Second, I will try to not throw in any spoilers here.

I see you. The Navi use this phrase alongside their beliefs in a pervasive energy, one that connects them to all living beings and their ancestors. Similar to "Namaste", it is a combination of words that is running through my mind.

I see you.

Do you see me?

Take a breath, suspend beliefs for one moment, and see me...and you...and the light energy radiating from your computer screen in front of you...and the breeze out the window, gentle or fierce, carrying the breath of one you may never meet and those your love who have long since passed. See that we are one. That a frown towards a fellow human traveller is a stomp on our own heart, that a careless waste of energy today is a deliberate pull of energy from our grandchildren, that a simple kind word in the morning can spread through many to save a life in the evening.

Take a breath, and realize that you are only one person. See that is all you are - and that is everything. We cannot take on the pain of everyone, of our whole being, but we can take responsibility for it. Awaken to what is.

I, like many others, are forgoing New Year's resolutions in the recognition that they rarely come to fruition. However, there is an obvious swirl in the energy pool as thoughts swim towards change, possibility, fresh starts, awakening from a winter's rest into growth. If nothing else, these thoughts and casual conversations ("So what are YOUR resolutions??") create a change in how I (and others) feel during our days.

I embrace this energy. I put out the intention to keep playing with this energy, like a kitten with a ball of yarn, to keep spinning it. I put out the intention to not forget that calling that a "simple" movie inspired within me. I put out the intention to start today - not waiting until January 1st - to live connected, peacefully, energetically, and aware.

Happy Awakening.


  1. you have inspired me to go see this! i normally can't get past the animation.

  2. Let me know what you think if you go! I went back for round 2 and enjoyed it just as much...though I discovered I am in a rare minority of those who was deeply affected by more than the nifty technology. I'll probably blog on this...

  3. i loved it. but then I loved Fern Gully when I was a kid. The "I see you" was so relevant and unbelievably close to "namaste"...

    I could have done without the 3D, it sort of distracted from a lot of messages... and the poor character writing.... but then- definitely be UP THERE in my movies to own. with Fern Gully :)

    Many Blessings (ps- love your name! ;)


  4. Feelin' the Lisa Power here. :)

    I had forgotten about Fern Gully! Yup, probably enjoyed that right there with you on a level others didn't.

    I think the 3D thing is a love it or hate it kinda thing...I enjoyed it, but know someone we went with who felt as you did. Hopefully if it distracted from anything, viewers will be able to pick up on it when the DVD is released. Too many valuable messages to overlook!

    Thanks so much for your comment...can't wait to read more on your blog!

  5. I'm not sure what the last movie was that I fell so deeply in love with as much as I did the night we saw Avatar.

    "I see you."



  6. Connie - I agree. It is heartwarming to find others who actually feel the messages of the movie.

    Thanks for the comment!

  7. Me and my husband agrre totally with you! We are amazed by the film Avatar too! It was beautiful, had a great message and should be a wake-up-call for us Earhlings!
    I see you! :)