The Naked Version.

I do stuff that makes me feel alive.
I share that stuff with others in hopes that it inspires them to do the same.

The Shiny Version.

I am an awareness artist.

I use yoga, stories, humor, paint, poetry, and various creative tools to communicate experiences that go beyond words.

I try to constantly create awareness of whatever is and whatever is being ignored.

The Mundane Version.

I am a mommy of 2 (ages 6 & 3 as I write this) living in Southern Indiana with my hubby and fuzzy dog. I am a registered yoga teacher currently working and playing from home.

The Reason.

I believe we are all divine beings having human experiences. I believe life is so much more than the mundane and the mundane is so much more than it seems. I believe every.single.person. deserves to feel alive. And it all begins with awareness.

*Updates in progress as of 1/28/2011.  Cause I know you are just dying to learn more.*