Friday, April 30, 2010

Poetry Giveaway Update!

(Warning: Many photos below - sorry if it takes / took a long time to load this post!)

Finally!  If you haven't entered my poetry giveaway (*gasp*!), please visit this post and do so a.s.a.p.!! 

I'll be keeping the giveaway open until midnight tomorrow (May 1st) (Officially, we are supposed to pick winners on the 1st.  However, since I am Just Now getting photos up of the book I created, I want to give those procrastinators like myself a few extra hours!).  (Be sure to visit Kelli's blog at to enter the other giveaways as well...clock is ticking!)

I did mention that this poetry book would be like no other.  That is both true and a bit untrue.  Because this was my first official book and comprised of poems I'd written...I actually made an identical copy for myself. *grin* 

But - this is indeed a unique book.  There are only 11 poems in it, but the entire book is a mixed-media creative endeavor and a labor of love.  I made the entire thing - including the cover, the pages, the poems, & the pictures.

I debated about sharing photos of the whole book but in the end figured, Why Not?!  So here t'is....hope you enjoy.

(Please note: I shouldn't have to say this, but all poems & artwork as well as the photos taken of said items are property of moi...I'm honored if you like it, but don't steal.)

The book!

Handmade in all of its imperfect glory.

A mixed-media playground

The title page

The title, "One Day", is a summary of the poems as well as a tribute to my daughter, whose one-of-many favorite songs is "Incomplete" by Alanis Morrissette (the lyrics "One Day..." are repeated over and over in this song).

Check out the video!

Back to the book...

Poem 1
 (click on any image to view it larger)

Poem 2

Pages 2 & 3

Poem 3

Poem 4
(Again, click on any image to view it larger)

Poem 5

Poem 6

Center of book
(those are vellum pages with a gold tissue paper behind each page...
hard to capture the transparent nature in a photo)

Poem 7

Poem 8

Embroidered flower (I love doing these!)

Poem 9

Poem 10

Poem 11

This book has literally taken almost every waking hour over the past week or so.  I'll be posting more on how the book was made at CREATE ME once I get a bit more time.  (I'll add another post to let you know I've added the information!)

I'm also planning on using some of these poems & concepts in my Artistic Mothers Group projects...which I'm woefully behind on but haven't forgotten about!

Whew - so happy to be done with that and am now FASCINATED with making books!  I'm sure there will be more to come. 

Thanks to all who have entered the giveaway - and good luck!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Swimming in the Pool of Almost There

Thank you for all of the encouraging comments on the last post! I do want to get back to each person individually - please know I'm saving those emails in my inbox until I respond!  (If you don't have an email attached to your profile, I may not be able to get back to you...just FYI.  It's not that I'm ignoring you.  Not YOU!  Seriously.)

The Do-Do (*snicker*) list hasn't gotten any shorter, but even recognizing it is there has put me in an intriguing place.  Right now, I'm wading around in this fascinating pool of Almost There.

Have you swam in this one?

It feels warm and comforting. However, it has frightening depths and every river leading out of this pool is swiftly moving around a bend to who-knows-where.
It is the place we know we can't stay but aren't sure we want to leave.
There isn't any one destination -- this isn't like a river cruise I went on where I'm almost to the final port. 
Rather, it is a pool leading on that has been created by all of the things I've been collecting - all of the creative waters, the grounding silt of the daily-do's (pile of laundry tackled - Yay!), the imaginative winds that have stirred every ancestral soul around my land -- souls that are now peeking from behind trees and leaves and clouds to see just when and if and how I'm going to move.
I can feel the pull of the rivers ahead already in my core, as if somehow there is already a line attached through my belly button that is ever-so-slowly pulling me away from this pool.
I know that my choices of which items on my to-do list I do (and how I do them) will make a difference in which river I'm swept into. 
I know that if I focus on the house (and then wanting to buy things to decorate said house...oooh, especially from Ikea.)
or if I focus on the kids (and spend each moment reading and playing and being with them)
or if I focus on my online development (and get that website updated)
or if I focus on my creative development or any combination thereof....

the universe is going to listen.  Those ancestral souls peering anxiously around me will take note.
They don't judge.  They simply observe and respond.  They will help pull me down the river that they see my energies drifting towards. 
I'm excited.  There are so many things moving the waters in this pool - family moving closer soon, an artful poetry book that will be completed within a few days, financial challenges that call for responses, and so on. 
What once was comfortable is no longer.  And you know what?  I'm ok with it. That's how life goes. That's part of what strength training allows - for me to be (more) comfortable with the inevitable uncomfortable
Sure I'd like to just ride down the river on an inner tube (in a bikini and a with a flat tummy...hey, it's MY dream!), glass of wine in hand, soaking up the sun and listening to the birds. 
But you know what?  I think I just lied to both of us.  I don't want just that.  That's not life.  That's not honoring this gorgeous, diverse, sometimes-scary, always fascinating landscape of a life with which I've been blessed.

How's your river flowin' these days??

Friday, April 23, 2010

Do do.

So overwhelmed!!

It's all I can do to sit down and type this post.  If I weren't so lazy and could get out of this chair, I might not have even done this posting.  See - being lazy is a good thing sometimes.

Why overwhelmed, you ask?  Aww, thanks for caring.

Here's probably 5% of my to-do list:

1)  Finish poetry and decide how in the heck I'm going to make the book for my poetry giveaway.  That's right, oh soon-to-be winner of this poetry book -- it ain't done.


2)  Update the For You's and Guest Stories.  'Cause I love you all and I wanna give you more.  (You're going to love some of those guest stories...tease, tease, tease....)

3)  Finish the poetry journal and tote for the Artistic Mothers Group project.  The Artistic Statement?  Well, one goal at a time here.

4)  Plan out the remaining few weeks of training (oh, and actually train) for the mini-marathon on May 8th so I don't completely collapse and end up finishing the event in an ambulance.  (Though, hmm.  I bet I could get a sympathy ride to the beer tent.  I need to think about this further.)

5)  Figure out why my daughter is suddenly a screaming diva every-minute-of-the-day and find a way to remind her that there is only room for one diva in this household and I was here first.  So there.  (Yup.  I'm that kind of mommy.)

6)  Organize my crafting area.  I'm not just talking about alphabetizing stamps or something.  I mean more like at least clearing a path to my computer chair so I don't ruin one more piece of scrapbooking paper and so I can find where in the world I put that journal I was going to use.  I think the dog may be in here somewhere too, but one thing at a time.

7)  Finish this post.

(I put that last one in there so at least I can check something off in the next few minutes.)

This doesn't include the other 95% of to-dos, including those domestic duties that would probably greatly please my hubby and kiddos.

Image is photo of Melody Ross chipboard ladies.
Yeah, right.

So, now you know!

What happens to be on yours?

And one final note:  lest you think I am complaining, please know that I feel quite fortunate to be assigned this to-do list and not encumbered with one not of my choosing.

We all have choices, every single moment.  I don't necessarily plead for a noisy daughter or a messy house to clean.  But I am eternally grateful for a healthy daughter with lungs and vocal cords that can make those screams and the independence to know what she wants...and for the roof and walls that not only give me shelter but a comfortable place to call home.

I didn't necessarily choose those items on my to-do list, but because EVERYTHING in one way or another is a choice....I AM choosing what I choose to DO about those items and how I choose to FEEL about them.

Strength comes in awareness of this.


p.s. This lovely introspection was inspired by the adorable JINGLE at  I would HOPE you have visited her blog before (and left all sorts of comments), but in case you haven't...shame on you.  It's ok, you're forgiven.  Just go there NOW and bask in her creative, spirit-lifting, honest loveliness.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where I Am.

I used to make short videos all the time. Those videos were just shared with family and friends (no professional stuff by any means)...but I LOVE creating them. There is something about music that just MOVES me. I have videos that I made that I watch now and still tear up. (Awww.)

I realized in all the sharing of my creative exploration, I've never shared a video with you!

Yesterday during a long run, I had the perfect idea for one. I'll post the main video here and after returning from all of my outings today, hopefully more in-depth thoughts at CREATE ME and MOVE ME. (I'll change this intro and add links once I add this, so check back!!)

I am in the process of learning to be gentle with myself without allowing that gentleness to become an excuse to not face levels of uncomfort that will push me into a deeper and more vibrant being.

That's where I am.

More deep thoughts later.

But, for your viewing pleasure and without further ado, the world premiere of my run video!
(Hmm. I need a snazzier title.)

(Yikes: This is my first video upload to YouTube and it appears a lot of the quality of the video & music was lost.  Anyone know if there is anyway to adjust this?? )

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend

*If you are new to LifeUnity / Strength To Be Me OR
are returning to LifeUnity and wondering What's Up with this new stuff,
 check out this link for more info!!*

Whee!  What a weekend it was.

I started off by attending an amazing workshop (my first!) taught by Jen Starr.  (Sponsored by Papertrix.)  I officially had my first in-person meeting with a blog friend...Cheryl at Whosyergurl!  Totally exciting all the way around!  Here we are at the end of the class with our creations:

Isn't Cheryl lovely?! 
I just wish the colors and blending of our paintings were as evident as the smiles on our faces.

Visit my blog, CREATE ME, to learn more about
the class, what we created, and
what newbies can learn
from my class experience!

I was reminded over and over again on Friday the importance of letting go of expectations and living with what is.  We got a late start on Friday afternoon (it took me an hour to drive what should have been a 30-minute drive to get home after the workshop and I received what ended up being a 40-minute phone call with our son's principal just as we were walking out the door....*sigh* - motherhood.).  Needless to say, I was quite frazzled...we ended up postponing a planned trip to Chicago that evening.

Visit my blog, MOVE ME, to learn more about
how my running training and motherly instincts
may have saved me and my art after class on Friday!

After some deep breaths and a good night's sleep though, we left early Saturday morning for Chicago, and enjoyed a quick visit with relatives and friends.

Today we left bright and early and headed right back to Bloomington.  It was yet another comedic rush (ok, it's funny now.  I was NOT pretty while it was going on).  We had 15 minutes once we arrived home to get things out of the car and get my son to a friend's birthday party.  The card I wanted to make didn't work out and the second one I tried to make in the car on the way there?  A paint pen exploded and that card was a casualty.  (Ever have a day like that??)

Everything eventually worked out (doesn't it always...) and we ended our evening at a recital given by a friend and father of one of my son's classmates, Marlin Mckay.  This was his Master's recital - one for which he and his family have been going through quite a long period of preparation.  It was AMAZING.  Marlin plays the trumpet and gave a soul-moving jazz performance backed by equally talented band members.

Marlin feeling the soul of his music

There are not too many other ways I can think of in which I'd like to spend an evening...friends, good music, and beautiful weather.  (Our daughter was tired and crabby, but even that couldn't ruin the experience.)

A Few Last Notes:

1)  I have been SO fortunate to WIN two amazing gifts from Sleeping Dog Studios at their blog.  They have a giveaway EVERY SUNDAY!  Look at what I've won already:

A gorgeous photo frame!  The details are amazing, the colors so vibrant, and there's even a peg in the back you can put in one side or turn the frame the other way and insert the peg for a standing frame with a totally different look!  (Kiddos picture not included.  Sorry.)

And THIS lovely earring holder I just won - beautiful and practical!!  (Earrings are mine...I'm already putting this lovely piece of art to good use.) (I'd recommend checking out their site for a better photo of this...the colors really POP.)

And I'm feeling a bit greedy over there so I'm not entering the giveaways for a bit.  Which means you have an even greater chance to win!!  Rush on over (there is a giveaway for another frame going on NOW!)...and while you are at it, check out the rest of the site.  (Even if you don't win, they have these for sale!)  These are genuinely kind and talented people.

2)  In case you are one of my readers who hasn't heard of Wishstudio, Mindy Tsonas (the host) just revealed the new Wishstudio site.  It's totally cool.  Someday I'm gettin' me one of those fancy intros. :)  Seriously, there is SO much offered there beyond the eye candy...contributors galore, classes, techniques, inspiration, ....just go check it out!!

3)  Because of the tornado that blew through my life this weekend, the Strength To Be Me site (along with guest stories & links) got a bit tousseled.   But don't you worry...tomorrow starts the cleanup and I'll be adding more soon! ( THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE LOVELY PEOPLE WHO HAVE ALREADY VISITED AND LEFT KIND COMMENTS ABOUT THE SITE! )

Enjoy the start of a new week!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010



WELCOME my dear friends to the new LIFEUNITY.... and introducing the all new....

*drum roll*

Strength to Be Me is a philosophy, a way of living, a nifty question to ask yourself and, if I may say so myself, a freakin' cool motto

It is also a brand new website, chock full of information you never knew you needed to know.

  • START HERE and Learn more about the philosophy behind Strength To Be ME and all that the website has to offer.

  • Discover not one, but TWO new blogs designed to provide you with tools and insights to STRENGTH TRAIN your mind, body, spirit and soul. 
    • MOVE ME - yoga, running, mediation and more!  (
    • CREATE ME - creative play with mixed media, photography, poetry, and other yummy stuff (

  • Go beyond my crazy stories and learn more about the strength behind other beautiful souls through GUEST STORIES - where gracious guests share their answers to some thought-provoking questions!  (You might recognize a few....)

  • Blow Your Mind with just some of the countless resources available.  LINKS to websites, online goodies, and a huge list of books (pulled right off of my shelf)!  List will be updated on an ongoing's like a wellspring of never-ending deliciousness.

  • In case you didn't find enough tips, tools, techniques, and inspiration throughout the rest of the website, enjoy some FREE GOODIES - including downloadable digital art.  (Stock is currently limited, but I'll be adding more soon.)

  • Been interested but afraid to ask?  Learn more ABOUT ME - from vocational development (*yawn*) to fascinating factoids (*ooh!!*).


  • This blog will remain right where it is. will remain a valid address (no need to update your blogroll or reader).  You'll notice, though, that it is redirected to ""  In the future, you can type either address to get directly to this blog.

  • LifeUnity will be the stories of my strength training - more concise posts about how I'm being ME.  The additional blogs, MOVE ME and CREATE ME, in addition to their own wealth of information, will be where the LifeUnity stories are expanded upon for YOU.  I'll include step-by-step guides for how I create what I do, tips I've learned through my own "training", more in-depth exploration of running, yoga, meditation, a multitude of creative processes, and other goodies designed to encourage you to strength train to live your own authentic life.

  • If a LifeUnity post is expanded upon in either blog, I'll create links from LifeUnity so you can head directly there and keep right on delving into the story.

  • The blogs will be updated on a regular, rotating basis.  The website will also be updated, though on a less regular schedule, with more Guest Stories, Links, Freebies!

  • You should be able to navigate all sites from one another (that is, no matter what blog or page you are on, you should be able to find the other ones using the tabs at the top of the page). 
If all this wasn't enough about which to be excited, I'll be announcing ANOTHER giveaway within the next week to celebrate the new website!

(Don't forget about my poetry giveaway as part of Kelli's celebration of National Poetry Month!)

Enjoy all of the new eye candy and let me know what you think!!  (If you find any broken links or typos, please don't hesitate to let me know.  I'll be embarassed, but I'll get over it.)


p.s. For those regular followers, THIS explains why posts have been few and far between.  I have spent countless hours in front of the computer and let the kids watch far more t.v. than I care to admit...but it's all in the pursuit of BEING ME.  (Don't worry, I'm still sharing plenty of love with my family.  Just don't ask my hubby to confirm that.) 

I'm hoping to get back to more of a regular schedule and share with you the multitude of other goings - on -- including work on the ARTISTIC MOTHERS GROUP, Art Journal stuff, new sketches, running / mini-marathon training ups & downs, yogic techniques that are making themselves OBVIOUS in my life, and so on!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Poetry Giveaway!!

UPDATE 5/2/2010:  This giveaway is now closed.  Thank you to all who entered!  I will be announcing the  winner this evening on a separate post.  (I'll add a link to the post if you have this one bookmarked.)


(I have such lovely followers!  Those deep comments on the last post were amazing...THANK YOU!  I have replies floating around in my head and will be in touch soon.)

After much pondering & procrastination, I have decided to join - on the very last day possible - a Giveaway hosted by the lovely Kelli Russell Agodon for national poetry month.

(For some reason I'm having trouble linking this picture.  CLICK HERE to go to Kelli's post about this giveaway)

A little background for those who may venture over here through this giveaway:

Reasons I almost did NOT do this:

1) I am not a published poet.  I've never formally studied poetry.  I'm slightly intimidated by the others in this giveaway who have lovely books and distinguished backgrounds in this area.

2) While I understand you don't have to be published nor have that formal background, I didn't even know what a "chapbook" was.  Seriously.  Had to look it up.  I don't have one of those, either.

3) I'm actually not afraid of public speaking or heights, but when it comes to sharing as something as intimate as poetry?  The butterflies start the cha cha in my stomach.

4)  I'm reeeally close to finishing up a project I've been taunting people with on this blog for at least a few weeks now.  It's taking up oodles of time.  I reeeally want to get it done this week.  Not to mention the two kids, the housework, and training for the mini-marathon and triathlon.  Sleep has been optional.

Reasons I held my breath and jumped right in at the last second:

1)  Those above reasons are really just excuses.

2)  I love poetry.  I enjoy reading it and adore using the power of language to evoke dormant energies in myself and others.

3) I am a procrastinator.  (Isn't that evident by now?)  Having a deadline and a "reason" to write some poems will be immensely good for my spirit and soul.

4)  The winner will win one of my artistically-formatted poetry books.  It isn't a published book nor probably properly bound.  The winner may not care for the poems.  But want to know what finally made me move beyond that?

The winner gets it for free.  Hell, you can throw it away after you get it if you hate it.  (Just don't tell me.  I might cry.)  Regardless, It's FREE.  What have I got to lose by doing this (other than sanity by adding one more thing to my plate) and what do you have to lose by entering (other than the few seconds it will take you to leave a comment)??

On that note,


Per Kelli's guidelines, I'll be giving away TWO "books" - one by one of my favorite poets and the other by yours truly.

The first? 

The Love Poems of Rumi  (Ed. by Deepak Chopra).

This is a tiny book, yet chock full of Rumi-goodness.  I couldn't part with my big old book of Rumi love, but I promise this one is still quite yummy.

**More about Rumi, including a poem from this book, at the bottom of this post.**

The second?  A crafty little book of poetic works - from Haiku to random thoughts in poetic form.  I apologize I don't even have a teaser here, but I haven't decided if it will be a theme book or just some of my more favorite poems.

I will add a photo and some teaser poems as I finish this.

What I CAN tell you is that it won't be like any other poetry book in the giveaway (I suppose that's good to be unique but it still scares the crap out of me) AND it will be handmade. 


1) Leave a comment on THIS POST and make sure it includes a way to reach you.  (Email is a good way.  I suppose you could leave your phone number but I can't promise you won't get a few telemarketing calls or late-night drunk dials from a few of my followers.  They are lovely, strange people like that.)

2)  That's It!  I'll randomly select TWO winners on  (I'll probably let the kiddos pick the names out of the magic box since they had so much fun doing that for the OWOH giveaway) and notify the lucky people then.  One will be sent the Rumi book and the other will be sent my compilation

If you ARE ONLY INTERESTED IN ONE OR THE OTHER, please leave it in your comment.  When we do the drawing, I will leave those who are not interested in the book we are drawing for out of that particular one.  Some people don't like Rumi but may be interested in some crafty poetry, and that's totally cool, and some people may not want a handmade book but adore Rumi...and that's totally cool, too!!  I just want to make sure those who enter don't receive something you don't want!!

You DO NOT need to be a follower of mine to win.  (I prefer people to follow me because they are interested in what I have to share, not just for free stuff.  Call me crazy.  But hey, if you do like this blog, please join right up!!)

You DO NOT need to be participating in Kelli's giveaway to win.

You SHOULD spend a few moments visiting Kelli's blog ( and those of the other participants (found on the left side of her blog).  There are some seriously talented people out there.

So go ahead, leave a comment!

Seriously - IT'S FREE.


Now more about Rumi:

Might I recommend visiting this link about Rumi, created by the wonderful people at Speaking Of Faith (an NPR program).

They describe, among many other wonderful things, how Rumi often told of conversations with the divine using language as one might with an intimate lover.

It is fascinating reading the poems in this book from either the angle of speaking to a lover...or of speaking to one's inner divinity.

From the book:

Do You Love Me?

A lover asked his beloved,
Do you love yourself more
than you love me?

The beloved replied,
I have died to myself
and I live for you.

I've disappeared from myself
and my attributes.
I am present only for you.

I have forgotten all my learnings,
but from knowing you
I have become a scholar.

I have lost all my strength,
but from your power
I am able.

If I love myself,
I love you.
If I love you,
I love myself.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Telling Tales

WARNING: Yet another long post.  Read at your own risk!

The taking and loss of life has been front and center in my recent days.  You might want to know a few things about me before we continue (and don't worry...after reading that intro, I want to state right up front this DOES NOT include any jail time or harbored thoughts of extreme violence.  Promise.):

1)  I've been a practicing vegetarian for about 2 1/2 years.  There are many reasons for this; none of which necessitates any judgment on those who choose to eat meat.  I'd contemplated this for years (and attempted an unhealthy stint in college) - a final straw was watching all of the episodes of "Planet Earth".  The taking of life there, in however natural and necessary a situation, made me re-evaluate my own choices.  Basically I don't eat anything I wouldn't be comfortable preparing on my own....from Start to Finish.

2)  I'm not a total girly-girl - I cringe at those random centepedes & millipedes we find and won't go within viewing distance of a hairy spider unless there is a thick glass cage between us - but I'm totally ok with the random creepy crawly thing.

3)  I hate taking life.  Again, not just talking about the  " 'Chicago'-type-Velma-Kelly-Roxie-Hart" taking of life (you wouldn't want to hear me sing about it)...I mean of any sentient being.  If I find a spider in the house, I will use a cup and piece of paper to transport it outside.  Likewise, a few wasps who have found their way in recently found their way back outside - alive - on the tip of a long broom.

So...keeping that in mind, here are three tales for you.

L Wilson 2010.  Copyright, blah blah - just Please don't steal this image. 

We left this weekend and came home to a counter top crawling with ants.  I know...EWW, right?  But, remember the above.  Usually the random guest in our house is just paper-lifted back outside.  With food and dishes and a daughter who FREAKS out at any bugs around, though, there simply weren't enough seats on the LifeSaver Express.

The past 48 hours have challenged my every nerve.  I have squished more ants than I care to admit.  Every time that I do, I say out loud, "Sorry" (as if that does anything!) and a couple-second long prayer for its life.

Here's where a lot of people (okay, most people) may be raising their eyebrows - but others are frowning and crying out "poor ants!".  

I'll just say it is an ongoing struggle for me and I totally feel as though I'm screwing with my karma.

Now you know.


During a blissful VERY early morning run on Sunday with my brother and sister, we ended up running a bit apart (different paces).  No troubles...I ended up with a running partner anyway.

We were running along back roads and at one point, a (THANKFULLY) friendly dog started running between my sister and I and jumping on us both.  This dog was some type of Sheppard (sp?) mix - beautiful but BIG.  He ended up befriending me and stayed right with me.

Except for the occasional times that he tried to run in front of me or jump on me, I really didn't mind the partner.  He mainly jaunted off to chase horses or cows or explore the random pond and tick off the geese.  But every time, he came back to my side.

I started to get concerned when we got towards busier roads and he still wasn't heading home.  Not only that, but he seemed to be oblivious to cars.  Countless times I was stopping and yelling, "Dog!" and frantically waving my arms at an approaching car.  (I wonder what each driver was thinking, probably not the least of which was "Why doesn't she control her dog?!?!")

This dog stayed with me for approximately 4 miles - all the way back to the house.  I knew after about 3 miles that he wasn't heading home.  I knew after car #1 that I wasn't going to just leave him.

Graciously my mom drove me and my newfound partner (in our minivan - yeah, that thing truly has paid for itself in convenience - don't knock it.) back to the area that he joined me on my run.  She approached the house and was met by an elderly gentleman who confirmed it was "his" had just ended up at his house awhile ago and he had been taking care of it. 

This sweet man couldn't even see well enough to get back to his house once he was at our car.  The dog, however, looked quite comfortable and knew right where to go to get food and water.  My mom did offer to take the dog to the Humane Society if he desired, but he said to just leave the dog there.

I left with such mixed feelings.  Again, trying to avoid thinking too much - and yet...

Both that loving man who took in a dog and that loving dog who put his big, stinky, wet chin on my lap as we were driving him home have similar fates.  As do you and I. 

Thinking about how or when we will meet those fates is sometimes more than my emotional body can handle...and yet, sometimes, is just what I need to clear my mind.


In the same time span as all of this, I came across this notification in our neighboring town's (little) newspaper:

I won't comment.


Heh heh.  You didn't think I'd have any mind-blowing final analysis, did you?

Sorry to disappoint you if you did.

Just like with life,

You gotta figure this one out on your own.