Monday, July 5, 2010

Freedom - Through Art

This is a brief post.  Why?  Because I want to get back to working on my art off of the computer!!

There is SO much going on recently, lovelies, so so much.

I'm still loving Suzi Blu's class ( - I'm working through Goddess & Poet but will be signing up for others.  I have found a new confidence in drawing faces and finding my girly side.  Believe it or not, THAT is changing my perspective on life!  Whodda thunk?  (Seriously, if you have ANY inner voices calling out to try drawing faces - realistic or otherwise - check out Suzi's site!  Special offers going on now...)

Here's the one I did for 4th of July...celebrating freedom.

She isn't done yet, like me.  She looks a little "off", like me.  She is discovering herself, opening up.  There is a lot more glitter to come, a lot more depth, a lot more of her SELF. 

But I'm not going to rush the process...and want to keep you updated as the changes happen.

And I've mentioned it before, but I am going BIGBig, big, big.

And it is having big, big, BIG effects....already!

Here's my journey into BIG (posterboard size):

I'm still there.  I'm still swirling around, figuring out where this one is going to take me, trying to enjoy whirling around in this tornado and figuring out how to open my wings and fly instead of bouncing into the miscellaneous crap that has been brought up.

Anyone else feeling like this??


  1. The new work is lovely, Lisa! The piece looks fine by me, but you are the one who ultimately needs to be satisfied with it! :) Good luck with the big class. I'm odd - I really like working SMALL. LOL Isn't that a riot? Have fun with the class! :) Theresa

  2. Love your new BIG painting!
    I've got to get busy now.... :-)

  3. hello beautiful you.
    love all that's unfolding!!!!!!!

  4. when i wrote that comment, the word i had to type in below it was "unitygo".

  5. My BIG art begins on Wed this week.... but am really looking forward to it!
    I am loving your work from both Suzi's and Connie's classes. Enjoy! xoxo

  6. Hello! Bird bashing into the sides of her cage here! Love knowing we are journeying together ... I love both your pieces here (your faces are fantastic! Love Free ... you manage to stay inside the Powerful line and not cross over into cutsie girls ... cannot wait to see where these faces take you!)

    Ah, BIG. I feel like all of it is within my pressure cooker and will be bursting forth in words/contemplative spewage soon! It is amazing. I just wish we could all be in a room together, painting. Preferable a room in the mountains or by the sea (and not the padded cell I worry I might be headed for! You understand ... the range of emotions when mothering - yikes!)

    Really, I wish we were painting together. I feel so privileged to be in this BIG group together.

    xo Lis

  7. I love your "Free" girl, Lisa. You are doing a fabulous job in the G&P class! I took that last semester and I still draw the full on faces- I think I am improving! lol
    Thanks for posting your work in progress- I had to do that too and was a little nervous about it. Still that fear of judgement in me- though we certainly don't experience that in Suzi skool, do we?
    Have fun and keep up the great work!

  8. Theresa, Claire, Rachel, Sandy, Lis, & Christa - Oh my, THANK YOU! I have been able to reply to some of you individually (and am still working on the others), but your comments mean a tremendous amount.

    This art process is so unbelievably deep and vulnerable that to receive such feedback goes WAY farther than just a "pat on the back" type feeling. So thank you again and again.

  9. Lisa, this is just wonderful! I Love your Free girl too - her eyes, the bold background and fireworks - it's a beautiful piece and tribute! Kristin xo

  10. Oh Lisa!!! I LOVE everythiing about this....I LOVE everything about YOU!! Thanks for always being my BIG inspiration!!

    Big hugs,

  11. Absolute fabulousness all around! Your expression is so evident and I am totally in love with it!