Saturday, March 7, 2009

Warmth Inside and Out

I just had to comment - it's so much easier to be in a happy mood when the weather is beautiful outside. We've reached our first 70 degree day of the year and although my daughter is still screaming, the house is still a mess, and the dog still can't determine where to do his business...I'm quite peaceful.


  1. Hi Lisa!
    Are you on facebook?
    We've got a group (its waning) and hopefully, with your enthusiam to write, you might like to help out. Its actually called 'yoga off the mat' and I thought you'd fit in perfectly.
    Thanks for writing (I posted here so as not to dominate the first post with my own promotions!! Sorry about that.

    I like what you write and I'm sure we can connect somewhere along the line.

    Yours in the cause!


  2. Tiffany - I'm not sure how to get ahold of you, but I'd love to chat more! Please email me at lifeunity at gmail dot come. Thanks!!