Monday, November 30, 2009

I Can't Stop!

I had plans today to blog about my crafting. I have photos of some of my cards.

I had plans to blog about holiday insights and wonderful thoughts on breathing and the crucial nature of the breath in all ventures.

I had plans...until my brother called.

Apparently, Mike, the friend who ran with us on Thanksgiving, had texted him to encourage him to enter another race. Today was the last day to register at the reduced rate. (Nothing like last minute, eh?) My brother wanted to know if I wanted to participate.

The catch? The race is the Indy Mini Marathon, a 13 mile race.

My heart rate sped up & I couldn't answer. I spent at least an hour googling, "How Do I Know If I'm Ready For A Mini-Marathon" and "Can I Train For A Triathlon And A Mini Marathon At The Same Time" and "Has Lisa Really Lost Her Mind?" (Ok, not that last one, but now I'm curious to know the search results.)

I talked to my husband. I researched, thought, and prepared dinner. I put the kids in front of a movie and researched some more.

I took a deep breath.

And I signed myself and my husband up for the race.

So on top of work (Pharmacy for Chris, House for me), the kids, Christmas prep, trying to get Christmas cards out and ready, crafting, figuring out how to start my yoga (+ art) classes, getting the kids in swim lessons and other events, and training for a triathlon....I guess now we are also training for a mini-marathon.

I am such a pushover but am thankful (at least for the moment) for Ryan & Mike. My heart is racing.

May 2010 will be Chris & My TENTH wedding anniversary. I never thought we'd be celebrating like this...but what a way to do it.

Deep breath. I'll blog more either tonight (when I can't sleep) or tomorrow about all I'd plan to blog about before. (As Connie at Dirty Footprints Studio would say, it's all just a change of plans!)

Deep breath....


  1. Oh Lisa, I have to be honest. Reading your blog makes me a tad green with envy...I miss running. Really miss running. I started back a month ago, only to have my foot acting up I took another month break. Then, I had BIG plans to finally run again today--when yesterday (Sunday) the love-of-my-life, Hansel, decided to play a little prank on me (something we do to break up the routine of our lives)--that made me freak out and trip over my shoe on the floor which made me fall and jam my toe against the wall! Now it's like the size of a tennis ball. Ok, maybe not that big..but it's swollen and painful. So much for running!

    Yeah--change of plans! It's all nice and lovely when it involves surprise trips to Cleveland, it's another story when it involves pain and agony! begins the practice of Yoga!

    Lots of Love my friend--and I'm totally rooting you on and cheering as you go hot mama!! Run! Run! Run! (Run for me and my big toe!!!)

    Peace & Love.

  2. Connie - I definitely don't want to inspire envy! I do think of you frequently when I run knowing what you shared with me before.

    I would not have understood before what it is like to miss running but now that I do...I really feel for you. I hope that your toe heals soon and whatever form of movement your body wants to take it finds its way there.

    Hah - so with you on the change of plans being a challenge in certain situations! May you find your yoga and you better believe I'm going to be running in part for you.