Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where I Am.

I used to make short videos all the time. Those videos were just shared with family and friends (no professional stuff by any means)...but I LOVE creating them. There is something about music that just MOVES me. I have videos that I made that I watch now and still tear up. (Awww.)

I realized in all the sharing of my creative exploration, I've never shared a video with you!

Yesterday during a long run, I had the perfect idea for one. I'll post the main video here and after returning from all of my outings today, hopefully more in-depth thoughts at CREATE ME and MOVE ME. (I'll change this intro and add links once I add this, so check back!!)

I am in the process of learning to be gentle with myself without allowing that gentleness to become an excuse to not face levels of uncomfort that will push me into a deeper and more vibrant being.

That's where I am.

More deep thoughts later.

But, for your viewing pleasure and without further ado, the world premiere of my run video!
(Hmm. I need a snazzier title.)

(Yikes: This is my first video upload to YouTube and it appears a lot of the quality of the video & music was lost.  Anyone know if there is anyway to adjust this?? )


  1. Where you are is pretty damn wonderful !!!! Celebrate it, get the candles out! Anyone can run 12 miles. It takes a creative chickie to run 11.8 !
    (This comes from a chickie who would have died of hydration and pain from mile 0.8!)

    That balance between gentleness and kicking ourselves in the butt is a delitcate one, isn't it ? But hell, you went out there and lived it - that is worth celebrating !
    Brava !

  2. Wow. This video is really amazing. Take pride in your 11.8. It is yours and you deserve to take ownership of it. I hope you will share more of your videos in the future. You have a real gift for putting them together.

  3. I love, love, love this. I was just thinking this morning, "I need to get back to work on my videos!" All in good time, this Artistic Mom says, All in good time.

    Many kudos to you, this is grand!! Inspirational... and sometimes my videos get a bit fuzzed up on YouTube, but for the most part, I am just grateful to work through the process with them.

    See my recent art of thrift shopping to create art blogpost

  4. Great Music!! This was really fun!

  5. Wow! I can't even imagine running 1 mile let alone almost 12! that's pretty amazing, I got tired watching the footage, lol! Don't be too hard on yourself, you only stopped because you ran out of water :-)
    so are you going to do it again?

  6. Good heavens! More power to you! You are indeed Super Girl!!! :) Theresa