Friday, April 23, 2010

Do do.

So overwhelmed!!

It's all I can do to sit down and type this post.  If I weren't so lazy and could get out of this chair, I might not have even done this posting.  See - being lazy is a good thing sometimes.

Why overwhelmed, you ask?  Aww, thanks for caring.

Here's probably 5% of my to-do list:

1)  Finish poetry and decide how in the heck I'm going to make the book for my poetry giveaway.  That's right, oh soon-to-be winner of this poetry book -- it ain't done.


2)  Update the For You's and Guest Stories.  'Cause I love you all and I wanna give you more.  (You're going to love some of those guest stories...tease, tease, tease....)

3)  Finish the poetry journal and tote for the Artistic Mothers Group project.  The Artistic Statement?  Well, one goal at a time here.

4)  Plan out the remaining few weeks of training (oh, and actually train) for the mini-marathon on May 8th so I don't completely collapse and end up finishing the event in an ambulance.  (Though, hmm.  I bet I could get a sympathy ride to the beer tent.  I need to think about this further.)

5)  Figure out why my daughter is suddenly a screaming diva every-minute-of-the-day and find a way to remind her that there is only room for one diva in this household and I was here first.  So there.  (Yup.  I'm that kind of mommy.)

6)  Organize my crafting area.  I'm not just talking about alphabetizing stamps or something.  I mean more like at least clearing a path to my computer chair so I don't ruin one more piece of scrapbooking paper and so I can find where in the world I put that journal I was going to use.  I think the dog may be in here somewhere too, but one thing at a time.

7)  Finish this post.

(I put that last one in there so at least I can check something off in the next few minutes.)

This doesn't include the other 95% of to-dos, including those domestic duties that would probably greatly please my hubby and kiddos.

Image is photo of Melody Ross chipboard ladies.
Yeah, right.

So, now you know!

What happens to be on yours?

And one final note:  lest you think I am complaining, please know that I feel quite fortunate to be assigned this to-do list and not encumbered with one not of my choosing.

We all have choices, every single moment.  I don't necessarily plead for a noisy daughter or a messy house to clean.  But I am eternally grateful for a healthy daughter with lungs and vocal cords that can make those screams and the independence to know what she wants...and for the roof and walls that not only give me shelter but a comfortable place to call home.

I didn't necessarily choose those items on my to-do list, but because EVERYTHING in one way or another is a choice....I AM choosing what I choose to DO about those items and how I choose to FEEL about them.

Strength comes in awareness of this.


p.s. This lovely introspection was inspired by the adorable JINGLE at  I would HOPE you have visited her blog before (and left all sorts of comments), but in case you haven't...shame on you.  It's ok, you're forgiven.  Just go there NOW and bask in her creative, spirit-lifting, honest loveliness.


  1. love the pic of the pouty little one - so adorably dramatic ;) hugs!!

  2. I love Jingle's blog and I read that wonderful post today. I was proud to say that I am one of your loyal readers. :) I hear you about too many things on the to-do list. But I have total confidence that I can get everything done...sometime! Like exploring the rest of your wonderfully revamped site...I WILL do it! :)
    Have a great evening...Theresa

  3. Ummm...that's only 5%?!?! Oh my gosh girl! :)

  4. You are a woman aware and choosing. You can do it.

  5. list is very similar to yours really...i wish you luck!!!lol...xxxx

  6. i'm splashing this all over the blog o'sphere but as a mom i really believe our lists are not To Do lists, but To Remember lists (seems to take some of the pressure and judgment out of the process)

    oh my, another diva in the house? well i have a snarling dog-girl who has a bit of a napolean complex lately, so i can sympathize with you. amazing the stages these little ones go through (and of course, we never did; we were angels as children, right?)

    i realize i never made my full list/schedule for this week which says a lot! off to gather up all the pieces and plot next week's campaign! happy to say, I hear you sister.

  7. oh I hear you! but you CAN do it all, one little step at a time :)
    thanks for the kind words about my room

  8. Lisa,
    at least you have a list!
    That is the most adorable pic of your little one! I hate to tell you, but my experience has been..."Like mother, like daughter!" And that is all I will say about that for now!
    Are you doing the Mini Indy? I did it once and it is SO MUCH FUN! Such a party! Have you done it before? I would say "break a leg"- but that might not be such a good idea. I didn't post Thursday or Friday...Thursday, I just worked on art...last night, watched a movie and had GNO with a couple of friends.
    just keep telling yourself..."I think I can, I think I can..."
    hug you, Cheryl

  9. lisa, that picture of your daughter is GORGEOUS. wow. & i love the things you are up to...poetry, etc. i look at your sampler of your to-do list & you look like a friend. know that also you have a friend in feeling a bit overcome by it. let's together breathe & i send you a hug! xo

  10. LOL! You write the best posts! I especially love your notes on having a diva right now - the picture is WONDERFUL and the notes on being there first - perfect! (AND I'm that kind of mommy too!) Kristin xo

  11. oh!! Lists do help, but sometimes they are a bit overwhelming too...
    I know you will get through it all.

    Your daughter is beautiful, even if she is a screaming Diva- just means she has personality and is STRONG. wonderful qualities to have once you have it under control lol.

    Many Blessings Lisa!

  12. One step at a time sweetie & you can do it!

  13. Oh, that sounds so amazingly familiar! LOL! I'm sorry I wasn't able to get here until today, but, weekend was fairly occupied with lists! HA! Thanks for the link love AND the super nice comments! You pretty much rock, you know that, right? Just say'n!

  14. That was quite the list! It is now Tuesday (I was away and didn't see the list Friday) so I am hoping for you that you accomplished all that you need to do, or that you really "had" to do. Love that you are grateful for even the less "easy" stuff on that list. I am grateful that I am around to actually make lists. I am also trying to remember that at the end of my life, there will probably be many things still on that list that remain undone and that that is perfectly okay.
    Off to try and get my Tuesday to-do list a little mre done.
    Happy Tuesday, Beautiful Lisa !

  15. Hey Lisa,
    Don't forget to take time to breathe in the middle of that list. I just wrote about a similar thing - finding balance. Effort and ease. BTW, your daughter is adorable, if that helps, and I LOVE the new look of your site. Sorry I've been away for so long! Sending calming good vibrations your way!