Friday, November 19, 2010

My Coloring Book

The alarm.

Damn alarm.

I wake and roll and stretch
and before me
is the page I am to color that day.

my lines of thought - clearly drawn in a daunting black ink -
creating fascinating dancing unicorns
or ugly piles of crap
or ongoing lists of things to do
or creative swirly-ma-thing-a-jigs.

And some days
I kiss the lines with red wax
following every curve
staying delicately
within the lines

Other days
Blues and violets and oranges and pinks become a
soupy rainbow
and line becomes color becomes line

But the best days?

The ones in which
I begin
with a blank page


  1. This is beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! I love it!

  2. did you write this? That's awesome! I love it!! I've decided today is going to be a swirly kind of creative day. Wishing the same for you!

  3. I like that some days you follow the lines because you feel like it, not because you have to. Everybody likes some structure in their lives from time to time. (But the swirly days are a lot of fun too!)

  4. Lol!! I LOVE this.... such a gorgeous analogy!

    Some days I too like the security of being able to colour between the lines or follow an outline, while others I simply want to purposely go against it all in the most swirly-of-ways possible.
    But a blank page? Hmmmm, that something else! Largely, I love it but occasionally its quite unnerving and scary too: the endless possibilities, the pressure and expectation to 'do' something. And then ofcourse there is the completely contraversial option: to simply abandon the page completely and leave it blank, in order to go out for a walk instead! ;0)

  5. Beautiful post ! Each day is really a new page though, isn't it ? Or even, each moment ? When we live in choice, we make the lines, colors, fill in the spaces with what we want them to be filled with. Hard, so very hard to do this everyday, but here's to the days we remember !
    Happy Friday, Lovely Lisa !

  6. This is beautiful Lisa. Beautiful.

  7. This is one of the most beautiful and profound posts from you. So simple and poetic - but it makes a very strong point. Sometimes I am "forced" to color inside the lines - but I long for the days when I can draw curliques and splash color wherever I see fit. The freedom to take that blank page and create the day's masterpiece. Theresa :)