Monday, August 9, 2010

Me. BIG.

We are in our last week of Connie's Fearless Painting course, BIG.  The following video is made to show the process of answering the question, (in the form of Fearless Painting), How Does It Feel To Be Me?

I'll be posting more about this, but your opportunity to join the TRIBE of fearless painters (invaluable in itself) has arrived!!!  Registration NOW OPEN for the next BIG class.  I cannot stress enough the changes Connie, her guidance, and the connection with my new friends in the BIG tribe have created in my life.  (But I promise I'll be trying in another post.)

For now, visit Http:// for more information.

(Thanks for all of the congratulations on my excellent fortune this weekend!  I'm sure you will get to witness the amazing changes that I KNOW are going to arise from Carmen's guidance - again, EEEE!! - and Kathy's wisdom!)


  1. I am so very honored and fortunate to be your tribal sister! Incredible painting and video - thank you for sharing the process!!

  2. WOW! Love the art and how you created a video about creating a painting! Too cool! You are a media arts queen!

  3. LOVE your painting and your courage!

  4. What an amazing video and painting. It's very powerful - yes, the video and painting. It is big and bold and beautiful. Congrats. :) Theresa

  5. i swear i commented on this earlier? i must have been lost in my head after watching this! you just amaze me everyday ... i love love love this and you.

    xo lis