Friday, August 6, 2010

With Paint On My Hands - I Jump For Joy!

...I lovingly type out an update.  Big, big, big.  Oh, dear Big Fearless Painting.  How art thee changing my life??

First, thou art aligning me with the universe and causing simply AMAZING things to happen.  I WON.  Yes, I WON.  What, you may ask?  Only something that has the potential to send all of this changing, creative wonderfulness into laser speed.

The wonderful ladies at Kind Over Matter (Amanda & Jenn) and Carmen Torbus - the stunning creative entreprenuer cheerleading coach herself - teamed up to offer a giveaway.  A Six session scholarship for C4 (C4 = Cheerleading, Coaching, Consulting & Conspiring)...with CARMEN!  And I WON!!  I "EEEKED!!" in the car when I read the email on my phone and probably scared my hubby and kids.

She is seriously one of the most adorable, authentic, and creative individuals I've seen through the bloggy world.  Just take a look at what she has done throughout her life.  I am so so thoroughly excited!

BIG, huge, tremendous things are coming your way my lovely friends.

Second, I'm allowing my life and my creativity to flow together.  I met my sister tonight at my mother's house...and instead of plopping in front of the t.v., we painted!  We pulled all of our supplies out on the driveway amidst shade and a stunning breeze, and as the sun set, we played with colorful juicy paints sometimes amidst deep conversation and sometimes in silence.

My painting admiring her painting.

 My sister's painting.  I wish I could show the glimmer and is stunning!

Where my lady stands right now.  Not sure where she's headed, but that's ok!  
Color is a bit off...I'm not at my computer so have to do with the from-the-camera photo!

I have so much more that I get to share with my Fearless Painting tribe...and will eventually get around to posting here as well.

LIFEUNITY is what it is about, lovelies.  I'm stepping forward in my life and embracing my gorgeously flawed and sensually delicious human nature and my mysterious wondrous divine nature.  There is so much more in store.  Stay tuned....

With paint on my fingernails and hands and arms and legs, I dance around and celebrate the messy, whine-filled (thanks to the kids),  (and wine-fulled - hah!), smoochy-kiss-filled (also thanks to the kids), sometimes heartbreakingly sad, sometimes indescribably magical life of mine!

(By the way - YOU TOO can jump in on this powerful life-changing wave!  A new BIG fearless painting tribe is coming together...registration is starting, I believe, this Monday, August 9th!  Visit  for more updates....)

UPDATE: Immediately after I published this post the first time, I started my blog reading and discovered I WON A SECOND TIME!!  The beautiful Kathy Jordan has been offering giveaways of her new book, Becoming a Life Change Artist, which just came out ....and I WON ONE!  (I promise it's legit - she even showed the process on her blog.) :)

I've been keeping up with the amazing Dr. Jordan for quite some time and let me tell you - whatever she has to share is worth listening to.  Honest.  I cannot WAIT to dive right into this yummy book!

I am NOT GOING to sleep tonight!  I am so so so so so excited!!


  1. Lisa! I'm so happy for you! You deserve all this yumminess that has been coming your way; I can just feel it:) Bask in the lovingness and continue sharing with us- thanks for your inspiration.

    p.s. I love the photo of your painting admiring your sister's painting:)

  2. You know when things start clicking like that that you are totally and completely on the right path ! Love it when that happens ! How wonderful that you and your sis painted together ! I think that is so wonderful ! I wish I had a tribe member in the real world who could have time and inclination to paint with me once a week. (I am wishing it - it will become so, I just know it ! ;) ). So excited for you, Wonderful Lisa ! Enjoy every second ! Big paint fingered hugs !

  3. Wow - congratulations to you! Two wins - that is really great. And how wonderful that you are painting together with your sister; both pieces are quite lovely. I can feel the joy in your words, and I am excited for you. Take care...Theresa

  4. I think that of everything you won tonight, that precious art time with your sister was the most spectacular. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pictures with us.

    Now on a more mundane note, since you blogged about my giveaway, you get ANOTHER entry. Remember there's still that gift card to give away on Aug 31 and I would not be betting against you, dear Lisa!

  5. Such a happy flow! :) Enjoy all your goodies.

  6. I always knew you were a winner!!

  7. i love your lady
    & celebrate all your life riches
    alongside you, dear one!

  8. I love that you painted with your family! How super fun is that?! Congratulations on your fabulous wins!