Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Days In Pictures

The past few days have been simultaneously busy and slow, trying to squeeze every last ounce of fun and relaxation out of summer before school starts in a couple of days.

Minus the tantrums that have been building as the kids itch to get back to routine and those moments that I haven't been carrying my camera, the following is a photo journey of our past few days.  It is a reminder for me that amidst the art, the painting, the journaling, the laundry, the screaming, the exhaustion, life is happening.  And it is going by quite quickly.

These photos are a celebration of this life that is happening for me and for our family right here, right now.




  1. Absolutely fabulous! And now I want Cold Stone. At 8:49am. Just say'n.

  2. Great photos! It's wonderful to be able to capture all those moments!

  3. What great photos! You've really managed to capture the essence of summer!

  4. Fabulous photos! Thank for your sharing all those beautiful everyday moments. Theresa

  5. Awesome!! UGGG I must get my camera issues handled!! Although you guys do do a lot of the same stuff we do... perhaps I could share yours?!

  6. perfection! I especially love the sponge shots and you eating ice cream :)

    where did the summer go?! oh, yeah, i guess it went by while i was on the floor painting ...

    and i will be sure to send you some handsewn cloth hankies. yes, i am that kind of crazy. i love fabric - i love the prints - i wish i had known you could have a career designing prints! if only i could cut straight (and have the patience to mark and measure ...)

    xo lis

  7. lisa, these photos are gorgeous!
    i ADORE the laughing one
    & all w/water
    & really, ALL!
    what a slice of your summer...
    maybe even more delicious than watermelon.

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  9. The last shot is my favorite. It is so my life right now. <3