Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Perspectives. My Reality.

For those of you semi-new to this blog, I have something to share: I used to call myself a runner.

I started running in the fall of 2009 (after swearing for years that I hated running) and through October of 2009 - May 2010 I entered into and completed 2 - 5K's (3.1 miles), 1 - 4.5 mile event, and a mini marathon in Indianapolis (13.1 miles).  (I made a video of that last one and posted it here.  Sorry - because of the music I used I couldn't put it on you have to be my friend on Facebook to view it.  That sounds kind of sad, doesn't it?  you have to be my friend.  Sheesh.  Send me a email (see the sidebar for my address)  if you aren't already there......)

After the mini marathon, I kept up weekly runs.  For about a week.

Then the reasons and excuses started flooding in.  Our son finished school, which meant paying for 2 kids for daycare at the YMCA if we wanted to go there.  The temps outside soared past 95 degrees F almost every day and didn't get much lower than about 80 degrees in the evening.  To be completely honest, through June and July, I ran maybe twice.

This morning, I remembered something very very important.

I am a runner.

It doesn't matter if I haven't run in months.  It doesn't matter if I never enter an event again.  It doesn't matter how slow I go or if I have to or choose to walk or what gear I have to adorn myself.

My perspectives create my reality.

And so, this morning, hubby and I took our daughter out in the jogging stroller and ran.  I went maybe 2 miles.  It was blissfully difficult.  And deliciously rewarding.

As I sit here recovering (mostly from more yummy yoga poses over the past few days), I am reminded of that fundamental belief that structures my days.  My perspectives create my reality.

I will paint today - even if I never sell a thing - because I am an artist.
I will find my running shoes again - even if only once every so often - because I am a runner.
I will kiss all over my children and discipline them when they slam their doors because I am a mother.
I will sit and share a glass of wine with my husband and discuss our days because I am a wife.
I will pull out my yoga mat and remember a 3-part breath in line at the groccery store because I am a yogini.
I will cry and yell and bitch and complain and falter and fumble because I am human.
I will always find my peaceful smile again after it all because I am part of divinity.

My perspectives are as such.  They will change.  I choose those perspectives and am blessed to do so consciously.

I define them (what does it mean to be a mommy?  a yogini?  an artist?) and they then define me.  I play with the definitions all of the time.  That's part of the fun of life.  

Now I think I need to go tend to my poor knees.  Eh, that's part of life too.


  1. And I am a few things, too. Thanks for the reminder! I needed it today!

  2. Inspiring! And so wonderfully written! Thanks. I too needed this on this particular morning!

  3. it's so funny how we label ourselves as this or that. one label that fits us all, especially you my dear, is incredible human being!! love & hugs!!

  4. Love this!

    Years ago, I was in a yoga retreat and the guest instructor asked us to write down our answer to this question: Who am I?

    I actually wrote my unedited, gut response: I am who ever I choose to be.

    Clever, huh? Well, then the rest of the session was to make a collage exploring all the answers we had put down (mother, yogini, teacher, etc.) so I went out and had a latté while the others worked.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you ... I am an artist even if i never sell anything (wait, I just did!), I am a yogini even if i push the snooze button and skip my asana practice (hey, it's all about intention and attention, right?) and I am definitely a mommy even when i pop my child in front of the Wii to buy me a half hour of painting time.

    you know, i love you so! I may just have to sew you something ...

  5. I love what you say about there being different aspects to our being, ones that we define, and redefine regularly as we move through life. It is not rigid, it is a dynamic, flowing, organic process: this journey we are on! Thank you for sharing, beautiful Mama! :)

  6. excellent. i wish for more people to know this, that we shape our lives.

  7. Such a moving post, Lisa. Thank you so much. Here is my favorite:

    I will always find my peaceful smile again after it all because I am part of divinity.

    After the day I had today, it's so important to remember to just sit back, relax and smile.


  8. Haven't visited your blog for a while. Forgot how much I loved it and your great thoughts. Thanks!

  9. killer post Lisa....thanks I needed that!