Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Free to be Me

There is a definite change happening within. I feel more ... me. I don't know if it is being in my 30's, where I am in life, or something more global in nature, but I love it.

Creativity stems more from my spirit instead of a drive to create something someone else might want. Decisions are made with awareness of, but indifference towards, the judgments of others. I won't claim 100% success in this area, but the current rate of success is astounding me.

Because these feelings are fairly recent, I don't have a lot of words to describe it. A recent visit to the Indianapolis Children's Museum should suffice to sum it up.

There was a visiting exhibit - Barbie - which I knew I just had to visit. I've gone between my tom-boy and girly-girl stages and am settling into loving being both. I adored the pink. I ooh-ed and ah-ed over the fashions. I loved remembering the itty bitty shoes and hairstyles.

And being in the state that I am, I felt free to walk through and giggle at it all without feeling pressure to look like the impossibly shaped figures.

Ladies, can we celebrate it together?? :

Lovely as she may be,

Barbie ain't got nothin' on me.


  1. i found you on wish i also mentioned/commented on another of your blogs..:)
    i just love this blog!!! your header, and great latest posting...i am so glad you are increasingly you and freer to be around the barbies and others surrounding all of us...shine out your beauty/it's a gift to feel your colors.

  2. Javi - THANK YOU. :)

    Rachel - Wonderful - thanks for visiting! So so nice to receive such comments and virtually connect with other lovely women. Here's to livin' our Barbie...whatever color she may be (ok, maybe minus those horribly tiny shoes that never seem to fit and are always getting lost). :)

  3. this is a fantastic post. i am starting to feel more comfortable in my skin (despite my physical flaws). i think it has a lot to do with being in your 30s. i'm 31 and it seems to be getting easier.

    could you do me a favor and send me an email ( i have a question for you and i couldn't find your email address on your blog or profile. thanks ;) hugs!!

  4. So glad to hear, Melita - and they aren't flaws, they are characteristics of the one true, beautiful YOU!

    I sent you an email and thank you for the reminder that I need to get my email address easily accessible somewhere up here! :)