Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Moving On and Creating For ...?

A moment of peace:

Take a breath.

I've spent the past few days crafting and creating, running & contemplating, cleaning & snuggling with the kiddos. It's been such a joy. That quake of energy I was describing before? It is totally still going...and making life one interesting moment after another.

After such deep posts, I did find the "aha"! that sitting with the fire and all of that discomfort inevitably brings. But that, dear friends, is a seed that needs time to sprout before I share it with the world! How excited I am for it to grow...

In my creating (with fabric, paints, stamps, papers, photography & digital manipulation, etc.), I always seem to get stuck if I don't have a "reason". Usually that reason means I'm making something for someone else...which is a great reason! The past few days have been dedicated solely to that - creating for someone who dearly deserves it. The process alone has been THRILLING - I've pushed myself in my limits of what I usually do, learned new techniques along the way, and have oodles of ideas for further projects.

My stumbling block now is finding a new reason. Or perhaps I should say, my obstacle is giving myself permission to make ME the reason. To find myself in the moment of decision (do I fold laundry? watch t.v.? pay bills? craft?) and have enough strength to know what is good for me and my family. (Hint: It's keeping myself organized, sane, and happy. Creating does all of those.)

It really is the small things, too, that make a difference - that give me a sense of accomplishment. Like this, my first ever button hole (a successful practice attempt on a scrap piece of fabric):

It may be a small thing, but I feel like a world of possibilities are opened now that I know how to use my sewing machine to make a tiny little button hole!

Ah, and the sensual nature of creating...I finally bought some linen the other day (ok, linen-like fabric. It was half the price.). Combined with a silky fabric and embroidery threads? Delicious.

(In case you are interested, there is a great tutorial on how to embroider flowers here and a very basic and easy-to-follow guide to creating a linen drawstring bag here (By Gretel at

Nothing too deep...I think the past few posts have bubbled over the thinking-point. Here's to all that depth and the path it has pushed me in...and maintaining the energy and awareness to stay with it!


  1. ouuuu you can make button holes??? way cool. I can barely sew... lol. :)

    I think you're absolutely right, finding the "reason" to craft just for you is tricky. But then, if crafting and art keeps you happy and content, then that in and of itself is a good enough reason to make time :)

  2. Hah - I didn't even know I could either!! And thanks for the reminder of the reason...hearing it from someone else gives me even more reason to believe it. :)