Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day

I woke this morning to my husband whispering to me that school was cancelled. Unfortunately, such news doesn't carry the same excitement it used to when a day off school meant frolicking in the snow, t.v. shows, time at home with mom and dad and, school!

Everyone was up around their usual times anyway and hubby had to head on to work. Funny enough, I realized that a snow day meant just another "day at work" for mommy, too. Here's how our morning has been:

Getting dressed for work.

Morning rush hour and traffic jam.

Grumpy co-workers.

My Inbox.

Getting the job done.

Mid-morning melt-down before a caffeine break.
(courtesy of our new Christmas toy, a Crayola crayon maker)

Putting on our thinking caps.

Let's hope the rest of the work day continues like it started.
I'm rediscovering why snow days truly are so fun...


  1. love your photojournaling! so creative, clever, adorable, and true! lovely lense.

  2. Thanks Rachel! It was so fun to do...watching the kids through "business eyes". I just had to giggle each time we found a new way to look at the day (and my son still calls our dog the "grumpy co-worker") :)

  3. "The Inbox"!!!! That killed me!

    Oh how I miss snow such things in the desert....all I can ever hope for is an occasional lock down before I get to work!!

    Peace & Love.

  4. While I gotta admit I'm finding the beauty in snow, the "grass is always greener"...or should I say, at least you can see the grass... :)

    And thanks...I wish I could say I've emptied the inbox, but alas - each time I think I'm done it mysteriously fills back up!