Thursday, March 11, 2010

Artistic Mother: Week 1

What an interesting start!

For those not familiar with this, I will be posting weekly updates as part of the Artistic Mother's Group (see the link on my sidebar) which is hosted by Trudy Callan and following Shona Cole's book, The Artistic Mother.

As part of copyright laws (Eww. Laws.), I have to limit the details I share as far as the steps go. (Honestly, I really want you to by Shona's I wouldn't share it even if I was allowed. If you need encouragement, think about this: I RARELY pay full price for a book. Half Price Books is my favorite store. I use Borders' store coupons whenever I possibly can. I am an open cheapskate. For her book - I paid full price. I would have even paid more had I known all that I'd get out of it.)

I have a deliciously fun group of background papers that I'm pretty sure are going to get torn up over the next few weeks (part of the process in the book...not because of my own frustrations).

However, I'm still working with my fears of messing with any of my original materials (old books, rub-on transfers that can't be re-used, etc!) that is going to be a BIG step.

The backgrounds - without finished edges:

(These are using only the limited acrylic colors I had on hand and the blends I could make with those. I'm anxious to purchase some more paints but wanted to see what I could do with these before I went crazy at the store! As mentioned, these are also without the oil-pastel finished edges, which I have since completed.)

For now, I've scanned the backgrounds I've created so I'll at least have a digital copy. (Yeah. I know it's some deep issue I have to deal with. One thing at a time.)

And I'm still quite (ok, somewhat) happy working on the dining room floor. It keeps the materials where I will be reminded to use them and allows me a huge amount of room to spread out. (And the basement has a very light colored carpet....that strikes fear in my heart even thinking about painting around that.)

I'll admit to leaving materials out but I have a very loving and understanding family. The only part I don't look forward to is picking them back up when the mess gets too great for me to even find things! Creative space is a whole other post....

Finding time hasn't been that difficult BUT my hubby has been on vacation this week....and the house is TRULY a mess. (And I'm behind on reading my poetry, but I don't feel so bad about that. I know I'll read oodles of them once I sit down to do so.) We'll see how things progress from here!

AND -- my endeavors inspired our kiddos too, which is one of the greatest benefits of this whole thing.

In keeping with the spirit of the Artistic (+) Mother, I created a sheet for my son. (Ironically, he saw the background sheets I'd painted lying on the floor this evening and asked if he could hang one up in his room. Everyone together now: "AWWWW!" I'm still melting.)

If you've been reading the blog you know we've been having some troubles with his behavior. He's only in Kindergarten, but it has been enough to warrant concern. In the past month or so, he's been drastically improving...but little reminders can't hurt! (And I don't think you can ever tell or show your child enough that you love her/him.)

(This is a scan of the painted/stamped background, then text added in Photoshop CS2. I have since printed this out and used decorative scissors to trim the edges, and have plans to further color/embellish it.)

I am so happy I joined this group because it, along with Connie's workshop, is keeping me accountable to my creative work. And that work is keeping me tied to that bigger project which is getting ready to boil over...gotta figure out how I'm going to serve it, and SOON!
For now, I need to quiet my thoughts if I have any hope of falling asleep tonight. Aren't these lovely, quiet evening hours just delicious?!


  1. You've done a great job so far. The backgrounds you created are just lovely! :) Theresa

  2. WOW! Awesome. I've not gotten to the stamping the pages yet... I stamped a canvas I did last weekend, but the paers are still waiting. And, I only completed about 4. Hopefully more tomorrow. I love that someone else photocopied their pages.. I did too. I plan to use these again and again... I hope. By the by, I LOVE that you used a page for your son. What a gift!
    Blessings, Kim

  3. I love your papers. Very nice job. We have a 5 foot foldable table set up against the wall in the family room with some plastic drawyers from Wal Mart next to it for supplies. We are also going to put a few shelves on the wall above the table.

  4. oh, how wonderful! these papers are perfect! I am tickled how you expressed your fears of using supplies that get used up, I am totally the same. I can hang on to a favorite paper or card for years! Shannon Mucha was the one who first told me to scan them in and it was a revolution! While my printer can't render an image as bright at least I know I can use it and still have the original. I have been training myself to not hoard and trust that I will find or make replacements that will be as good or better!

    That is so beautiful that your son wanted to hang your paper up! He sees your art. He will grow up knowing his Mamma is an artist! How awesome is that memory for him!!!!

    Writing the book has been worth it to read your post :) I am so encouraged.


  5. these are amazing pages,,,still waiting for my copy...its killing me!!!xxx

  6. Those backgrounds look amazing! I also wanted to thank you for the comment you left on my blog! That was really super encouraging and I really appreciate it! I couldn't email you because there was no addy, but I wanted to thank you!

  7. well, you have a twin here in book buyer frugality and i am ready to hop into the car and buy this book! i am also laughing about the use of the living room floor and the issue of creative space (i work in the kitchen/dining room area and have to scramble to tidy up so i can make dinner ... never mind the total disarray of the rest of the neglected house!) i also found myself dancing a jig the other night when i realized my husband would not be home for dinner, which meant longer time painting and spaghetti for dinner :)

    so, i will be looking for clues on how to handle my fears around "messing up" my materials ... i am so so familiar with that feeling of "i don't want to ruin this" approach ... help me!

    pinkie pledge: we'll keep each other accountable for our creativity now that Love Letters is over?

    now ... where is that borders coupon...

  8. What a wonderful post and I love your papers(Great bird stamp)! The beauty of her technique is that you can really do so much with so little! AND I love your reminder to your son - how lovely! Looking forward to more,
    Kristin xo
    Twinkle, Twinkle

  9. Isn't playing artfully with your children so enjoyable? And that your son wanted your paper, that's just mouth-watering :) This workshop is so is Connie's! (Although I'm so far behind in her course it isn't funny...) :)

  10. I have heard about this book and now I am convinced that I need to order it. Sounds like a wonderful group you are involved in. And about using those one of a kind vintage materials? just close your eyes, take a deep breath and JUMP!

  11. Hey there Lisa! Nice papers... really beautiful!

    Wondering if you got the email I tried to send to your gmail address... Fabulous offer enclosed! LOL ok maybe not, but let me know!

  12. I love your art work and your personality! The "Thank you" letter is precious.

  13. I love your backgrounds and that the kids got invloved too...the page to your son is so sweet...I think you have captured the spirit of what this is all about!

  14. Your backgrounds look beautiful, especially knowing you have limited supplies! I haven't finished mine yet, but you inspire me to get moving!