Friday, March 26, 2010

Evening Art

Created late last night:

Watercolors (background), stamps, markers....and a little bit of oil pastels around the edges. (Colored stamps achieved by using markers to color directly on stamp, then stamping image on paper.)

Late night, being surrounded by a plethora of materials, and simply moving lead to a deep insight: 

Creating stuff is fun.


  1. I really like is a silly ????

  2. Mandy - thanks!!

    Rayanne: It's a play on a zen-like existence...a letting go in a sense as I understand it. But that's a whole other post!! :)

  3. I love it!. That is just the coolest.

  4. Lisa, I LOVE to see all the beauty and creativity that is pouring out of you. Thanks for sharing!! You inspire me!

    Big hugs & Big, BIG LOVE!!

  5. This is a great statement...words to live by! You did a wonderful job - I love the warm colors you used and the flowers. Looks like its ready to frame and put up in the studio!!! Theresa :)

  6. Amen to that! My dear friend Natasha and I are actually about to teach an e-course wrapped around that concept--going back to our creative roots and remembering the pure fun and joy of the act. It's definitely a healing process.

  7. Beautiful! Perfect! Brilliant!