Monday, March 29, 2010

Dance & Enjoy The Sun

We visited the Indianapolis Zoo a couple of weekends ago.  It was a gorgeous day - ample opportunity for laughs and learning for the kids and the adults, and of course, for photos. 

Taking photos leads to opportunities to view moments in ways differently than I might otherwise view them.

This "little" fellow was amazing.  He was standing with his eyes closed, swaying side-to-side.  He was dancing to his own music and we were allowed the privelege of watching.

And what of this guy?  Do you think "yuck" as you see him (as my daughter proclaimed) or perhaps think of what he might be experiencing - a blissful moment feeling the warmth on his face?

Perhaps we are fortunate to be human because we can re-member the true nature, simplicity, and beauty of life.

Or perhaps we are unfortunate because we can (and all too often, do) forget. 


  1. These are wonderful shots and your thoughts on them are...well, quite perfect!

  2. Beautiful photos - just a small reminder of all the true joys of the natural world around us. Theresa

  3. i'm loving sharing our pics from our outtings! these are great pics/& these animals do prompt an awakening of the beauty so near us! xox

  4. wow ... here i was thinking "she slowly getting back on the train" and i pop over to find you've been busy creating and exploring! Love the recycled book page and the whimsically poetic journal spread :) i love elephants ... such a beautiful moment captured.

    oh, the ecourse sounds so tempting ... i am a bit over extended on my paypal account but it sounds yummy!

    thanks for all the inspiration here! gotta get out my paints and start painting!

    namasté - lis