Thursday, September 23, 2010

For You and For Me

I feel so alive right now.  It comes and it goes - probably by necessity - but I am trying to savor every last drop of this elixir I have been given.

Of note:

After much hemming and hawing, I decided to purchase Tara's ( & e-book, 52 More Weeks Of Blogging Your Passion.  She was a hosting a free webinar (via Ustream) a few days ago for anyone who preordered the book.  I literally hit "buy now" 5 minutes before the webinar began.  You know what?

I feel I got my money's worth just out of the webinar.  I've briefly looked through the ebook and related materials and have SO many ideas to implement.  Practical and creative at the same time.  During the webinar I had questions answered that had been floating in my mind for quite some time.  As I review the ebook, I am getting clarity on where I want to head...and how to get there by using the blog as a tool.

I decided to add an affiliate link in case you are interested in purchasing her book as well.  You can click HERE (Click here to view more details) or look over on my left sidebar and click the image.  

On a related note:

I JUST REALIZED THAT NONE OF MY AFFILIATE LINKS WERE WORKING.  I'm kinda bummed.  Apparently you cannot link a photo or other text to an EJunkie affiliate code.  Just FYI in case you ever try.  I have corrected all of these and apologize if you had any previous troubles.

Please note that I did add a title on my sidebar showing my affiliate links.  I want to be completely up front with you.  I firmly believe in the value of these projects/ebooks or they would not be up there.  

I am progressing with my blog, my website, my vocation and my life in a very conscientious manner.  I have been contacted by other organizations with whom I have chosen not to associate - not because they are inherently "bad", but because they do not speak to my soul and thus the soul of LifeUnity.  This may mean less traffic for this blog and my business, but it means a life filled with greater integrity.  To me, that is a much greater success than thousands of subscribers.

And yet more notes:

These next few weeks are going to bring some big changes around my virtual world.  As 21 Secrets opens on Oct. 1, I hope to have many of the changes I've been planning for months in place.

Without promising when they will be done, these changes include:

*A Newsletter:  I'll be offering newsletter-only material, special offers & giveaways to my newsletter subscribers!

*A Move and a New Site: I've been researching Squarespace for quite some time now and am ready to make the move. (which now brings you to this blog) will become the landing space for web traffic.

Fortunately, this means a beautiful new design, an awesome background on myself and LifeUnity, links to photos, new PDFs, the return of Strength To Be Me Interviews, and so much more.  

Unfortunately, this means everyone who follows me here will need to jump over there.

Don't worry - there's nothing you need to do just yet.  I hope to make this super-easy and rewarding for anyone who sticks around through the construction!

*Yoga videos, Art steeped in LifeUnity wisdom, and More!  The more I become me the more I am able to offer.  I radiate a wisdom that isn't ego-based...rather, something that is passing through me.  It's time I shared instead of keeping it to myself.

Please don't forget: 

Registration for 21 Secrets is Now Open!
(Click here to view more details

If you have never art journaled (and are not sure you want to), I still feel that $59 is an amazing price for the wisdom that is offered.  I made an effort in my workshop to go beyond the page....taking you into reflections on why Beginning is a crucial practice in every area of life.
There are countless videos, PDFs, pictures, and written lessons to absorb.

As I look around the 21 Secrets playground, I find that so many of the other artists are also offering so much more than technique.  (Though there are some amazing techniques in there that I'm itching to try!)  There are insights into creative living that go deeper than the page.

View my Post about it HERE



  1. It sounds like exciting new things are coming here!!!

    That stinks that your links weren't working. I was able to link through my photos, but maybe I did it differently? I don't know.

    Anyway, it's true that there's some amazing depth at 21 Secrets (like your workshop!), as well as simpler technique instructions. Something for everyone!

    I think it's right to stay honest about what reviews make you money and which do not.

    Your blog is awesome and I'm sure more awesomeness is yet to come!

  2. wow, you sound busy!
    and Alive! :)

    (ps, weirdly my word confirmation was "morte" which means "dead" in french. WEIRD)

    very fun upcoming stuff- look forward to the new site :)

    (thanks for the healing vibes!!)

  3. I'm so sorry that I'm just visiting with you now. But I'm SO excited now to learn of all these great projects coming up. Sign me up for your newsletter, fabulous one!!! :) And I'll be most excited to see your new site. You inspire me always. :) Theresa

  4. Oh wow, this post just radiates sooooo much hope, new beginnings and challenges, beauty excitement, authenticity and.... life!! Go girl!! I am SO excited for you! Its takes bucket-loads of courage to embark on such an adventure and I know how much of your energy and passion you are pouring into it all right now. Well done for really sticking with what seems right and that speaks to your very soul.... you WILL reap bounteous rewards for staying true and maintaining your creative intergrity for that I'm certain.
    Please sign me up for your newsletter - you are such a profound inspiration, my dear friend.
    Hugs, as always

  5. I will be so curious to see how affiliate links work for you. I am a Chris Guillebeau affiliate but thus far have only received only a few clicks and no buys. You and I are on such similar paths... Square Space huh?! I was thinking about them too but think I'm moving Everyday Bliss over to wordpress... I'm even going to hire a designer... my learning curve is just TOO long.... When it works for you I'd love to do a little brainstorming session with you, that is if you might be interested. YOur plans are much more art centric then mine but I believe we might make a good "mastermind team" (ever heard that term?) together... and really help each other!