Thursday, September 30, 2010

Keep Going

Oh to be able to feel the delicious sense of being ALIVE that arises from the process of exploration...

Oh to be AWARE of what this day has in store for us....

Oh, and to learn how to sit with those uncomfortable moments that make you want to tear out your hair when the art or the report or the talk goes "wrong" or it feels like time has been "wasted" or absolutely nothing is coming to you and you feel like you are tirelessly spinning in circles.  To learn how to be with those and yet to keep going....

To keep painting.  Or writing.  Or running.  Or napping.  Or doing whatever it is that your instinct tells you to do because it is in harmony with the moment.  We find a guide once we are tapped into that part of ourselves beyond the shoulds and the fears and the ego-driven wants.  If we stay in harmony with that guide, the questions of what and where and how and even why do not need to be asked.

And along the way, it is so important to celebrate and support others who are on this journey.  Who get up, again and again, and keep going.

One of my fellow travelers on this consciously creative journey is Theresa with Faerie Moon Creations.  Theresa is not only seriously multi-talented herself (check out her Esty shop! ) but she focuses on featuring other artists to spread the love.  (Talented and generous - what a combination!!)

Recently I was so thrilled to receive this from Theresa:

It is finding a place of honor in my home.  It not only celebrates her talent (she took that photo!), inspires me (the quote? "Just living is not enough, said the butterfly, one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower" - Hans Christian Anderson), but warms my heart as I am reminded of her kindness & journey.

Thank you deeply, Theresa.
Finally, I recognize all of this only because I experience it.  In the past 24 hours, I have experienced the pains & elation of moving in and out of the flow - of stopping and keeping going.

I started an art piece on canvas, primarily for The Tribe (the group open to those who have completed BIG through Dirty Footprints Studio.)

I recorded the process on the web cam but may or may not get around to getting that up.  (Just FYI.)

At the end of the night, I had ended up with this:

And I strongly strongly disliked it.  It looked messy.  Trite in some areas.  And most importantly, Not Me.

I wanted to toss it.

That night, I kept going with my thoughts, my reflections, moving beyond that serious headache I was getting from trying to understand.

The following came to me:

I like time-worn colors. Messages that speak to the soul that exists in all of us. Whimsy that reminds us not to take all of this too seriously. Textures & figures that remind us of magic, mystery, tribal fires...all that we forget as we sit down behind the desk and merge into what we mistakenly assume is the "real" world.

This morning, I came down and starting distressing the heck out of the painting.  Sandpaper.  Distressing paint.

And I ended up with this:

I am much happier with this piece now (though it still calls to me).  I am at peace with the piece. :)  Most importantly, I have new insight into how to make my art and my voice sing the same song.  

All because I kept going.

Any places you can challenge yourself to keep going today?  (And yes, as long as it is your Truth, to keep going with sleeping counts.) 

Don't Forget: 21 Secrets Starts TOMORROW!  You can still Sign up!  

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  1. Thank you so much for this message- I needed to hear it today.

  2. I am SO happy you are enjoying the butterfly inspiration. I hope it brings you happiness every day. :) Butterflies, to me, are a symbol of beauty and strength - both of which you have in abundance. Thank you for sharing your newest painting. I LOVE what you did with it. The sandpapering and distressing give the piece an ethereal feel to it.
    I hope you have a wonderful day, Lisa! :)

  3. It's amazing how this painting changed with the sanding/distressing. It sounds like this has been a process of learning about yourself and your art. That's big!

    Also, beautiful butterfly! :)

  4. That finishing touch was the PERFECT thing for you piece! And how exciting that you have a piece of Theresa's work! I love her work! I'm lucky enough to own a piece of hers, as well, and I love it!

  5. I agree, much much prefer the painting with its rough, distressed finish - perfectly imperfect!!!
    What a gorgeous treasure from our sweet Faery Friend - not only a beautiful picture but such inspiring words too!

    Hmm in terms of the first part of this post, I think its soooo much easier to be real, honest and authentic when everything is going well and rosy. A completely different story when the opposite is true!! Hiding away in embarrassment and shame or utilising some other 'shield' seems infinitely more appealing!! Somehow it is always harder to allow ourselves to be 'alive' amidst that barrage of negative emotions and to acknowledge their very presence too. Yet in doing so, recognising their sources and naming each and every one, its as though we gain a little more courage, understanding and strength to keep moving.
    Thank you for that tender reminder.
    Hugs xxx

  6. Keep going... excellent! I liked it before the sandpaper... I think I'm feeling fiery! ANd I think it is even more interesting after... Bravo!

    Your gift from Theresa is so lovely!!

    I'm still looking for your follow up to meeting Chris....