Friday, September 17, 2010

A Giveaway!! -- 21 Secrets Workshop


Seriously wow.

If you are at ALL excited about the 21 Secrets: An Art Journal Playground Workshop, you can NOT miss this opportunity.

The lovely Connie is giving away not one, but TWO entries into the 21 Secrets Workshop (Click here to view more details)!  You have the chance to win one and to get another to giveaway on YOUR blog!  (See more details of the giveaway here.)

Think about this for a minute with me.  You win Twenty-One different workshops from Twenty-One different artists -- enough information to get even the most fearful novice a huge push into creative living.

Not only that, but you have the opportunity to drive traffic to Your blog by offering this exceptional giveaway to another person!

There are so many reasons to jump in on this workshop. ( Enrollment opens on Monday. The workshops begin on October 1st.)

Right now I can fully attest for the workshop I am offering, The Secret of Beginning ..... I have put countless hours into this.  I'm not kidding.  My hubby & kids have kind of forgotten about me and I have made a permanent bum imprint in my desk chair.  Discussions, materials list, videos, PDF....OODLES of goodness to take you on the page and into YOUR life.

Beyond that, you get access to TWENTY other workshops - all in one place.  Please take just a second to look HERE at everything that is offered.

Just. plain. wow.

FYI I'll be making a little teaser video for my workshop.  You know me - I love to tease.

So GO.
Enter the contest.

Nothing to lose and everything to gain.


  1. I would LOVE to take this!!!! (But you already know that! :-))

  2. Thank you for stopping by my little silly blog Lisa, I'm so appreciate that anyone even bothers to look at my silliness at all. I feel truly blessed every day when I think about the really special, heart happy people I've met on the internet through becoming involved with art journaling-it's an amazing circle that encourages me to be true to myself completely. Blessings to you and yours, and lots of excitement over here while I sit on my keester at work dreaming of your class and 20 others :)

  3. Lovely Lisa, thank you for your good luck wishes; I wish you much luck also and maybe I will see you at 21 Secrets :)
    Love Milena x

  4. Sounds fabulous! I would LOVE to learn step-by-step. And I'd LOVE your specific course, as well. 21 classes is an amazing offer! By the way, I finally own Kelly Rae's e-book (hurray for me!). xoxo Theresa
    PS A little surprise will arrive to you sometime next week. ;)