Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Still Here

Yes, I'm still here.

Amidst unexpected travels, nights away from home, unplowed roads, blessed times with friends and family, coughs and colds, family history - and stories - bubbling up from ancestorial depths, wine, far too much food, and repeated nights of no sleep until after 2 a.m. ....

I'm still here.

I have regrets that I haven't been able to share with you all that has occurred, to pass along some fascinating wisdom that will begin to germinate on this Winter solstice and grow into....well, an even more fascinating 2011.

I hope to return with more regular blog posts next week.

Until then, may you each enjoy blessings among the chaos.


  1. Hang in there!!Can't wait for your wisdom!
    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  2. It's ok, Lisa - we are still here with you. Grab a latte or chai and snatch a moment to just relax. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday! :) Theresa

  3. Huge hugs, dear friend. I know the feeling about time spent away from blogland: a matter of days can so easily feel like months! But, as Faerie Moon has just said, we are still here and love you whatever you are doing, and look forward to more treasures of wisdom when life becomes a little less hectic again.
    Wishing you many sparkling blessings over this joyous season.
    Hugs xxxx