Saturday, October 23, 2010

How a Smile Can Create World Peace

I alone may not be able to create world peace.

But I will not underestimate my role, my responsibility
 in making it happen.


I may go to the Starbucks and order from the barista who is having a rough day and who barely acknowledges me.

Perhaps I smile back and offer her a sincere thank you instead of being offended.

It releases her tension and improves her day.  She does not go home and complain to her boyfriend who was getting ready to leave her that evening because all she did was complain.  Instead, they have a healthy talk and renew their love.

A week from now they go out with friends, one of whom happens to work at the Peace Learning Center in Indianapolis.  They have a deep, hours-long conversation over dinner & wine which leads to a brilliant idea by the Center worker.

He returns to work the next Monday and pitches the idea to a committee which takes it to the state level.  A group is formed which adds collaborative input to the original ideas and implements them on a state-wide level.

Two years later, the crime rate in the state has dropped significantly and the White House takes notice.  After research & a few changes over the coming years, the practices are put into place at all state levels.  The US begins a trend that leads to worldwide talks and culturally-appropriate implementation of the practices across nations.

Within ten years, hatred & crime are considered as outdated an concept as slavery.  Peace is the norm instead of an some seemingly unattainable dream.

Which wouldn't have happened without the world-wide implementation

Which wouldn't have happened without the talks.

Which wouldn't have happened without the US government putting the ideas into practice after noticing them at the state level.

Which wouldn't have happened without the the committee collaborating and acting on the ideas presented to them.

Which wouldn't have happened without the original idea proposed by the Peace Learning Center employee.

Which wouldn't have happened without a spark of deep conversation in a safe environment with no fear of conflict (or complaining) amidst good friends.

Which wouldn't have happened had the friends not gone out.

Which wouldn't have happened had the barista and her boyfriend not stayed together.

Which wouldn't have happened had the barista come home and complained once again to her boyfriend after a long day of work.

Which didn't happen because I smiled.

Today, try a smile.

Who knows?  You may have just created world peace.


  1. I love the idea of myself as a pebble in the pond. Asking myself what kind of ripples I want to create is as spiritual an endeavour as any.

  2. Loving the "ripple effect". We actually taught that concept when I worked at the PLC back in 2000-2002! I try really hard to imagine the other person's day when they are rude to me. Although it can be hard to come back to rudeness with Love, I agree that it can have a HUGE impact. Keep smilin' Lisa!

  3. Fabulous post Lisa!!

    I'll be smiling all day today!

  4. That was beautiful, Lisa. This is a wonderful life lesson analogy. Who knows what kind of effect just one smile will have on another. Thank you. Theresa xoxo

  5. I totally see the truth in this, Wise Girl !!!
    Smiles save lives - truly they do.

  6. Stunningly beautiful thought/action. Thank you.

  7. i just love you to pieces!! just made a mug of hot tea and my tea tag says "be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too." you did just that my darling. :) hugs!!

  8. What a beautiful post. And I agree with all my heart! I am so happy for you about 21 secrets too - how cool! I hope you are having so much fun. Also, I am so IN LOVE with your post below . . . xo

  9. What a good reminder that our actions/choices, even the most simple ones, impact our surroundings and quite possibly the world....Thanks for this post...