Thursday, October 28, 2010

One Word: Creative Energy

Today started brilliantly, then just turned into "one of those days".  No rhyme or is what it is.

I could feel the "funk" coming on.

Out of a newly developed instinct, I headed for my art supplies.

And I created this:
Without darkness, there is no light.  Without light, there is no life.

Simple effort, simple journal page, deep results.

I'm not saying I'm ready to start skipping around outside singing Disney songs, but I do have the energy to keep moving throughout my day - to accomplish the things I know I want to accomplish.

Creative energy is powerful.

Let me repeat.

Creative energy is powerful.

Broadening your perspective from art (to mind states or meals or a breathing pattern...), ONE WORD:

What will you create in the next 24 hours?


  1. A stronger, healthier baby that is one day closer to joining a family that already can't live without it.

  2. I love this.

    I will create tranquility, two very large salads as part of our dinner, lots and lots of clay beads, and maybe a little painting.

  3. Lists.

    Lovely banner! I usually read your blog through the feeds and hadn´t seen the new look. :)

  4. community (did this at lunch ~ yay!)
    little handmade tabs to go into my organizer to pretty it up

  5. Art! :)

    I am going to work on a new journal page - very much looking forward to creating it. Just need to make a quick trip to Michael's for one or two additional supplies, and I'll be on my way.

    You are right - creative energy IS powerful. It's when I'm creating that I most feel alive.


  6. Progress. We are finally beginning the process of packing/moving. I will create progress. Packing my studio is so intimidating and takes SOOO long! But, alas, I have begun, and I plan to continue on so that I can get it all to the new house and then take it all out again with fresh ideas and a new creative energy!

  7. Four new haircombs before travelling down to see family in our home town.... managed it too.... just! :0)

  8. i love your journal page spread, very powerful.
    i will create today "tears"