Friday, October 8, 2010

The Worth of What Is

"When the well is dry, they know the worth of water"

~Benjamin Franklin

Griffey Lake
Bloomington, Indiana
August 2009

September 2010 

May 2009

November 2008

September 2010

 May we be grateful for what we have when we have it.


  1. Very wisely stated. Wow - this last photo made me sad. I'm thankful that, although I was miserable throughout, that we had a lot of rain here earlier in the week. Sometimes you take for granted that something so simple is really so NECESSARY. Have a wonderful weekend! Theresa

  2. So very true. We don't quite often realize the worth of something, or someone, until they or it are gone.

  3. Wow! Powerful and so true. It's amazing that you also have those differences recorded as a visual reminder.

  4. Oh My goodness!!! When lakes and rivers run dry, I believe it is a type of reflection of the love that is not flowing through us.....everything is so connected!