Monday, October 18, 2010

One Word: Find Your Breath

A short post and a short lesson, both reflected upon during my run this morning.

Do not be afraid of your breath.

When you feel tense or angry or stressed or exhausted
be aware.

Find a delicious moment of peace in the

Now go on with your life.

Tell me - one word - in what situation do you promise yourself to find your breath today?

Mine?  Laundry.  (Back problems always kick in when I bend over to pull out clothes & I frequently hold my breath.  I find when I remember to breathe through it I find core strength that makes it much easier.)


  1. when I let self-criticism take over a moment, I will take a breath and re-focus on the the fact that I am enough in this very moment. promise.

    Have a breath-full day, Lovely One !

  2. When I feel the resistance taking over.

  3. When I hit 'overwhelm', which generally happens on a Monday when there seems to be SO much to do. Like Kim, its at such times when that little self-criticm gremlin begins his taunts. Taking a deep breath seems to chase him away somehow!!

    Thanks for the gentle reminder, my sweet friend.
    Hugs xxx

  4. Criticizing. When I see the world with critical eyes, where is my breath? I'm way ahead of it somewhere out there telling the world how I think it ought to be. The world doesn't care. My breath doesn't care. When I return to my breath, I return to sanity, to reality. Ah...).

  5. Berating. I have a coworker who finds it amusing to publicly berate me on a daily basis. I've decided it is meaningless and I can ignore it. Just breathe through it.

  6. When I the alarm went off at 5:45. I actually got out of bed and went to the gym. My body is happy that I took a deep breath and jumped out of bed. :)

  7. getting started (sorry, two words, but I am have SO much trouble getting motivated to do anything but be outside or reading).

  8. Hi Lisa, Thanks for this reminder! I have to rush out and do a few errands today & I must remember to relax and breathe!

  9. all i can say is, thank you, friend. xox

  10. Believing. I need to believe that I can create magical art. I want people to be happy with my art. And to do that I must be happy with my art and trust that my inner senses are correct. :) Theresa

  11. i found breath in an MRI, acknowledged every exhale and inhale as they scanned my head/brain.