Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How To Say Thank You

What if every act we did, every thought we had, was one of devotion?

What if

To get up,
get the report done,
check on the bank account,
acknowledge the pain,
steam the broccoli,
order through the drive-thru,
click the t.v. remote,
pay the bills,
kiss the child...

was a sentence,
or a phrase,
or an exclamation!

to our unique understanding of the divine
that "something else"
that voice, that pull,
that knowing that this job
and routine
and suffering
isn't all there is.

Our existence being
Our way of sharing the story of our life -

our magnificently mundane individuality -

and saying

thank you.


  1. I love it! You wrote this? I feel like it should be published...

  2. And I say to you - Thank You! Xie Xie Ni! Merci beaucoup and vielen dank!

    Perfect. Just perfect.

    As someone who does NOT like secrets (well, I like to keep them, but not be in the dark about someone else's secret) I find it crazy wild not to know every step of your journey in Deep. Thank you for this glimpse. I find it fascinating we both have hands in prayer position (only mine were holding my doll figure) Do you think we will all implode at the end of the 6 weeks? A massive firework display of paint and emotion?

    Love you ...xo Lis

  3. talk about a way to continually pray in thanksgiving, beautiful

  4. I forgot to mention, I love the painting! Namaste beautiful Lisa! I love your soulful posts!

  5. Such beautiful words and painting. Thank YOU, Lisa! Theresa

  6. Beautiful! Thank you for life, living, being aware, having it real.
    XO, Cheryl