Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mind Full

I woke this morning intent on doing my on-the-mat yoga.  In the midst of this, my daughter, son, and husband all woke up.

My practice quickly turned from a blissful flow with the breath to a struggle to maintain focus and physical balance while the kids ran around me.  (The latter still being a practice.)

I heard my son in the other room saying to my daughter, "come on in!".

And I took his advice.  I came into my own body, my own mind.  And I realized there was very little room left for me to enter.  It was crammed!

Thoughts raced of what the kids might be doing in the other room, what I was going to have for breakfast, what the dust bunny on the floor beside me wanted to tell me, and even how I was going to blog about this.  Truly, my mind was very full.

So when I tried to find my toes, feel the breath within me, make what I was doing a practice of embodiment and awareness instead of just a few stretches on the mat, it was a struggle.  My mind was full - just not of the emptiness I wanted it to be full of.

Today - right now, as you read this, wherever you are - what fills your mind?

Remember: You have a choice - in fact, a responsibility - to be mindful of what fills your mind.



  1. Oh, I know the difference between mind FILLED and mindful, My friend ! Big Time ! Getting to that truly mindful place is such a blissful treat but man, is it work sometimes ! My meditation teacher, who I give some credit for helping me save my own life in many ways, gave me a beautiful trick that I think you, with your wonderful artistic soul, could appreciate. She encourages us to see those "thoughts" that are crowding up our minds as smooth black stones. Then, she suggests examining each stone. Is it something we need to work on later ? Then imagine placing it in a basket beside you for safe keeping. Is it something that need to be let go of ? Then imagine yourself throwing it far away, into a river or lake, and sinking away from you. I have sometimes spent a whole mediation time just working with my rocks in my mind. But that is mindful practice really, isn't it ?
    Wishing you sweet mindful moments throughout the day, Beautiful Lisa !

  2. As always, SO wonderfully thought provoking and EXACTLY what I needed to read at this exact moment. Thank you so much!

  3. Oh, I feel like that often. I love when I am able to wake up first, I make a fresh pot of coffee and savor every sip while the doggies and hubby are fast asleep in the bedroom. I catch up with computer things and just breathe before getting into the full swing of the day. :) Theresa

  4. Like Kim, I organize my thoughts as stones! I actually have physical stones I've gathered to represent types of thoughts, but usually just visualize them. When that's not working, especially when the house is noisy, it helps to imagine pulling worries out of my head and putting them into a bowl, almost like scooping out a pumpkin or tomato. :) Feels organic and lets you sort of root through the goop of the mind.

  5. Believe it or not, I do my stretches and a bit of Yoga every morning IN THE SHOWER! no interuptions in there!
    I'm pretty tired (of course, I go back to work tomorrow), I'm giving over to that!
    XO, Cheryl