Monday, January 24, 2011

Vibrant Creating

There are many ways to both become aware of vibrancy - that energy that makes us feel alive - and to BE vibrant - to express it.

I practice yoga - on and off the mat.  I run. (Ok, less so recently.)  I sing in the car.  I do random acts of kindness.  I hike.  I journal.  I play games with my kids.  And throughout many other things, I create.

Creating through fear (as I'm exploring on my Fearless Painting path) taps into that vibrancy, puts me in harmony with those waves of energy that just make me tingle.  I usually end up with some fun creation - but more importantly, I am more vibrant myself.

Here I am...completely not vibrant (hah!) after a few nights of not sleeping well....holding my newest creation to give you an idea of its size.

And here is the completed piece.

(Painted with acrylics...on fabric.)

I adore the sensual nature of the final piece, one that started with no goal other than to tap into whatever message my creative source wanted to share.

I started with swirls and ended with what you see here.  When I view it, one word keeps coming to mind:


I see my vibrancy and I see yours.  Let's keep tapping into them together.


  1. That is gorgeous...
    I've been feeling pulled towards paints and canvas recently... but we're packing up and moving next week so I've putt it off. But it's calling...
    This post is such a source of inspiration, and a reminder that the first thing I need to do in our new home is get out the paint!

  2. Wondeful!!! It takes me ... I don't know... away...

  3. Beautiful painting. You always inspire me! Are you moving, or did I make that up?

  4. WOW. Reminds me of starry night! You look lovely, my dear. love, Cheryl

  5. stunning. and your painting is also stunning ;) I see a painter ripped wide open in devotion and love. surrender on and off the mat. Hello ... this is it, isn't it? This. Right here. Right now. It.

    yikes ... will we all really meet in Sedona? I think we must!
    xo Lis

  6. Lisa - this is SO beautiful! You did a wonderful job - I've never painted on fabric before. The colors are so vibrant and there is a sense of peace in it. So gorgeous! Theresa