Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fearless Painting

More updates soon on yoga, writing, sketching, painting, gratitude for lovin' I'm receiving from some of YOU, and oh-so-many-other things....but I have to share this with you first!

Interested to know how inspiration I'm getting from all of these ventures
is translating into life off of the computer?

Putting these things into practice is literally changing my day-to-day life
(and thus our family's lives) in FASCINATING ways!

Take a look!

(Thanks to Connie at DirtyFootprints-Studio for the sure to check out the BIGness going on over there!)


  1. I LOVE this. You guys so very rock. Absolutely rock!

  2. Great video!! =)

    I'm excited about the new workshop!

  3. Lisa, I love your art day with your kids. I am soooo inspired. This will be great during the summer- FUN!!!!! I love their excitement too!

  4. lisa! i love this "movie"!!
    (my kind of "best picture").
    LOVE all 3 artists! wowie!
    one of my favorite things in
    the whole wide world is to
    watch my 11 yr. old paint..
    thank you for sharing, dear!

  5. brilliant. love those sweet kids, nice to see your son talking, he is adorable. thank you for sharing. Fearless art. awesome.

  6. love it ~ what beautiful memory-making!

  7. what a wonderful video, the kids look like they're having fun too! Is this Connie's new class?
    I'm in the art journal one, thanks to you :-)
    and I just remembered how behind I am as usual, lol! the paint big class looks intriguing, but I have so much on the go right now I doubt I can fit anything else in, so I will enjoy it vicariously through you :-)

  8. This is beautiful Lisa. You've created a memory in a very special time. It's awesome that you'll be able to pull it out when their big and watch it!

  9. Lisa, this is just terrific. Your kids look like they are having so much fun - budding young artists! Thanks for sharing this JOY! Theresa :)

  10. I wish we could rendez-vous for a group BIG/fearless painting backyard art and picnic madness!

    Love watching this (perfect music)! Have your kids used brayers for painting yet? Oh my, lots of fun. My daughter looooveesss the brayer ...

  11. LOVE this video! What a fabulous idea and beautiful presentation! Thank you for the inspiration!

    See you in Flying Lessons!
    xo, juliette

  12. Hi there! What a wonderful video and post! I LOVE what you have done here - such a great idea and memory! Thanks too for your sweet comments while I was away on vacation - so nice to come home to your FAB post, Kristin xo

  13. OH! BTW, I got those mugs (older and wiser, younger and cuter) from Home Goods. Can never go wrong there! Kristin xo

  14. Love love love that you and your kiddos are fearless creating together ! Brilliant, Momma !