Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Morning After

I'm going to keep right on going with my head held high.

How do I follow up after a post like that?  How do I express my awe, my gratitude, my heartfelt sadness to all who have responded?   I get you.  I feel you.  I am so sorry you have to go through this.  THANK YOU from deeper places within me than I am aware for sharing your comments, your honesty, your selves with me.

It is the morning after a mind-blowing time and I've been putting off dealing with it.  I've been lying in bed, not writing any posts...because how can anything I do now compare? 

I put myself completely out there.  I received such authentic love.  We experienced a deep connection that I was totally not expecting.  And then we rested in what it meant - what it means.

And now, I don't know what to say.  It's kinda akward.  I don't want to leave you hanging, to sneak out the back door and say, "Hey, that was great!...maybe I'll follow up in a few years".  But I also can't sit here, wrapped in the warm lovin', leaving both of us to keep thinking. 

Life does go on.

So I'm up now, getting this hard step - this first after-post - out of the way.  It's no where near as exhilerating as what we shared before.  But because we shared that...because I put myself out there for you and because you...Yes YOU...responded and felt and were honest and loving and human...we can both giggle and return to a life that is substantially more intriguing and full of possibility than the one from which we came.

I have so much more to share with you.  I feel more alive, more ready to talk with a voice that is Authentic.  The experience of sharing has LITERALLY changed my life. 

But first, I'm going to go get some food.  I need nourishment, ya know?  Want anything?  You stay, rest...

I promise I will be right back.

And together, pooches against our waistbands, strength within our cores, we will breathe a little easier and share so much more.


  1. There is always more to learn and share! And while it might not be as spiritual as what once was, they will be equally as valued. :) Theresa

  2. The best part of real love and frienship is that awkward doesn't last long !
    Moments like that are precious and kind of rare, and certainly not for everyday in the world as we live it! (Imagine how intense life would be if we could all just go around loving each other and feeling strong ?)
    So glad to have celebrated it with you. Here's to the ordinary and the extraordinary !
    Big Love !

  3. i am so glad to hear you received so much love in return. that makes my tummy happy.
    lots of love!!!