Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Stories: Sara Ortiz

Busy day with the kids (more gymnastics, Yay!) - but I have to take a second to remind you:

We have a new OUR STORIES contributer!!

SARA ORTIZ of Sara Ortiz Workshops has so graciously answered the Strength To Be Me questions - and her answers are chock full of divine/human goodness.

Check out her answers HERE

Sara is a coach and idea-generator (love that!) who "helps women entrepreneurs get the ideas out of their head and turn them into action".  Yay for action!

I had a phone session with Sara several weeks ago and let me tell you, this woman is FULL of ideas!  She took some responses I had submitted to her and just started flying with them.

Learn more about Sara at : Http://

View her blog at:

You can also sign up for her newsletter**, Sane and Satisfied, at: Http://

  **HINT: There will be a featured woman entrepreneur in about a week in her newsletter that I KNOW you'll LOVE and want to know more REALLY really don't want to miss it! :)**

I have another post-in-progress that I'll hopefully get up tonight - but we'll see how gymnastics and birthday shopping and, well, life off of the computer goes!!

Have a blissful day!

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  1. Fabulous post by Sara! She's so inspirational...nice choice! Theresa