Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Guest Story: Everyday Kathy

Check out Our Stories for a brand spanking new Guest Story from the lovely EVERYDAY KATHY

And, oh we lucky, lucky folk:  There is a BONUS story where Kathy shares her honest and insightful experience with the Master Cleanse.

Check out Kathy's Guest Story at:

and the bonus story at:

And I've been neglecting the blog and you lovely people for the past week, so I promise oodles of information in the next 24 hours.  Art, motherhood, deep thoughts, random photos...who knows what we'll find!


  1. Hurray! Kathy is here. I can't wait to read her post. I'll bet you've been busy making some lovelies at Suzi's class. Can't wait to see the continuation of your work! Theresa

  2. It doesn't seem to me that you've been neglectful here! My goodness, the layers of treasures to be found! Loved the interview and loved you asking about vocation. YES. Instead of telling people what I do for $$ (which no one really understands) i think i will tell them my vocation: creativity yogini :)