Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Take Suzi's Class.

I took Connie's class.  I loved it.

I am taking Suzi's class.  I LOVE it.  How am I getting so lucky finding just the right classes at just the right times??

Seriously - if you have or have ever had any desire to learn how to draw a face (and, like me, bring it into mixed media form), there is simply no excuse NOT to take this class.

Ms. Suzi Blu has several workshops...if you have not been fortunate enough to come across this beautifully unique soul, I highly recommend you check out her blog ( and her offering of courses (

I am currently enrolled in The Goddess & The Poet and already know...within just a few days of signing up....that I'm going to be taking her other courses as well.  I feel like the possibilities for my mixed media art just expanded exponentially.  Why?  Well just look at what this amazing woman via her entertaining videos has taught me to do.

(I have oodles of sketches already, but am showing you just one work-in-progress so you get the idea of where said-sketches can go!)

I started out with basic graphite (pencil) sketches and forgot to take a photo.  So, after a bit of colored pencil, here's the "beginning":

(Yeah, it totally looks like she swallowed a frog and it got stuck in her throat.  I fixed that.)

After some more colored pencil, paint, stamps, etc.  (not gonna reveal anymore because you HAVE to take the class!!), here's where it stands:

And oh my there is so much more to add to these girls!!  I'm excited just thinking about it!

Now keep in mind, I have NEVER TAKEN an ART CLASS.  Ok, maybe that one in high school but seeing as how I don't even remember doesn't count.  I'm not sayin' these sketches are professional quality (Yet...hah!), but to go from drawing something that probably would offend my children to THIS?


Ok.  I'm done now.  I have too much more work to do.  :)

Coming soon:

*Artistic Mothers Group work to do and share!

*Art Journal pages to share!

*(Hmm...should get up at some point and eat or pee...definitely the latter....)

*Art does immerse that monkey mind and allow my deeper self to speak.  She has had some FASCINATING things to say.  Stay tuned!


  1. whoa. look at you go girl!!!! I am taking that class too. I am I have chosen to take a break from it. It IS an awesome class and those faces are incredible.
    so nice to see you flourishing!!!!

  2. Whoohoo! First comment!
    LISA...YOUR DRAWINGS ARE REALLY GOOD! I am impressed. You are so, so, so talented!
    xo, Cheryl

  3. This is STUNNING!!! WOW - you have unearthed your inner artist. I just can't believe how beautiful these are. Bravo!!! :) Theresa

  4. Wow this is really cool Lisa. I am in the offend the child camp myself... I'm tuned in and looking forward to MORE!!!

  5. dearest lisa,
    these faces are lovely. it's so fun how you are playing with eye color too. i also see YOU emerging on the page of your life. drawn into life. eyes in full color. running strong. resting. holy breath.
    lovelovelove to you.

  6. Those look really wonderful! I am thinking about looking for a class on sculpting faces. I need some help! LOL!

  7. Wow! I so love seeing the transformation of your faces ... really gorgeous! And how funny, I had been contemplating that very course! I may wait until after Flying Lessons :)

    I had to get caught up with all your activity! Isn't it funny how we heap all this goodness upon our plates and then get a little anxious about all these activities? I flit back and forth between projects and have to remember I am doing this for me, no schedule or pressure (except this fear if I don't act while the enthusiasm is high, I will "loose" that spark of creativity - crazy!) ... and I too have to remember to take a potty and snack break! I think that is very Vata of us. (I am attempting to go back to an ayurvedic diet & lifestyle to ground myself and my energies better.)

    Keep sharing your goddesses with us! I cannot wait to see how they grow. I love this mutual inspiration circle we've created along with Connie and other generous creative souls. Thank you for so generously sharing your growth, your passions. I'm itching to paint now!

  8. hi! your sketches are wonderful!!! i'm also at suzi's petite dolls!!!

  9. Beautiful! You are quite talented!

  10. Yay! Way to go! Those look GREAT!

  11. aw, don't you you love getting immersed in something so much that you totally forget to eat and pee! that is the ultimate!


    You are an incredible artist! INCREDIBLE!!!

    Big hugs!