Monday, May 17, 2010

Stop. Go .....

We may not like to hear it,
but sometimes we need to stop on the path that we are on
and go a different direction.

May we be content with the journey, not disappointed by the obstacles.

(Note: T'is just a deep thought - I'm actually skipping along quite happily right now on my own path!!  Tra la la....)


  1. Lisa, LOVE this photo. So happy to hear you are enjoying yourself!!!xo

  2. adorable! I love the way she has her hands on her hips. Wherever did she learn that? hmmm???
    xo, Cheryl

  3. This is beautiful. And I have to say that I have a counter point to this statement - sometimes we need to stop trying to find diversions off the path and commit to sticking to it...even if we would much rather go far from it. The photo is beautiful, btw!

  4. Kind of more on STOP than GO right now, but that is all good too.
    Beautiful shot !
    Keep on skipping, Beautiful One !

  5. You got me! I was expecting some great revelation post about how you were changing directions about something in your life!!

    Glad you are happy!

  6. oh it's so true to stay encouraged on our windy path! i'll also love to see what's developing in your creations as referenced in the post below.
    love to your tra la la! xox

  7. Sometimes I do stop in my path to reflect and make sure that I am traveling the correct road. I'm never one to give up - although I do become discouraged sometimes. I just keep on keeping on - even if I'm tired. LOL Theresa