Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Rose By Any Other Name

My monkey mind is completely preoccupied with its little self, running around and around the cage training for the upcoming Indianapolis Mini Marathon this Saturday.  It wants to keep my body revved up since my physical training has to slow down.

Good golly does that little monkey have energy! 

I plan to post at least once more before I head up to Indy, probably on the race prep.  (We'll have to wake up at FOUR A.M.  Seriously.  My eyes hath not seen the light dark of 4:00 a.m. probably since the last time that I was actually up until 4 from the night before.)  More on that later. (The race day, not the last night I was up until 4.  There was probably a reason I was up until 4 and do you really think I'd remember a night like that?!)

I thought I'd just share a bit of humor we received recently from the wisdom of our daughter.

My husband was in the car with her when she blurted out from the back seat,

"Hey daddy?  My name is Dilana."

My husband replied, "Yes, I know that.  Do you want me to call you "lana"?"

She replied, "NO, daddy, my name is DI-lana."

My husband smiled and said back, "Yes, but I thought you might like a nickname."

My daughter huffed and said, "NO DADDY.  My name is NOT NICK, it's DILANA."


  1. First of all, Good Luck with your mini marathon. Sounds like an oxymoron.
    Marathon is a BIG word to me. lol
    Secondly, Dilana is too cute. No nicknames for her. :--)

  2. That's so cute about your so cute daughter!She is sooooo cute!

  3. your daughter is so beautiful
    & is princess adorable...don't
    you just love how literally she
    took the "nick" name?!!
    mountains of strength to you now
    as you run run run!!

  4. I hope the monkey brain quiets soon and you regain the pace you need. Your daughter is precious !!! My sister's gave me a NICK name when I was young - Kimberly Diana. They would chant it over and over again and I hated it ! I would get furious. Why ? Don't know....probably just because my two younger bratty sisters were chanting it. ;)
    Get loss, monkey !Let the relaxed chica come back.

  5. Good luck with the marathon...I am sure you will do well. Your daughter is awesome...she's starting way younger than I did. For instance, a substitute teacher was taking roll call. When he get to my name, he called out "Terri." I sat and cringed, but I didn't say "here" nor raise my hand. He called out "Terri" again, and again I didn't answer. Finally, he called out "Theresa?" And I sweetly raised my hand and said "here!" LOL Have a wonderful weekend! Theresa

  6. HA! That is too cute! And on that note...when I was little I was QUITE adamant about my name. It was JENNIFER. Not Jenny FOR SURE and not any other shortened version, either. I still prefer Jennifer (or Jingle) to this day! And I will still beat you up if you call me Jenny! LOL! I am slightly more forgiving of Jen, but only because I finally gave up! HA!

  7. That is great!

    We call our Jessica Jessie. My sweetie ALWAYS wanted a girl named Jessie but we thought we would give her options. I was always Kathy, except when mom was mad. Then I became "Katherine Ann" - I'm delighted I can pass the same misery on to J.

    Good luck on the run!!!

  8. Your daughter is precious, and good luck.