Monday, May 3, 2010


Oooh, I'm absolutely giddy!

I just had to share -- Look what I received in the mail several days ago from the lovely, blissful, oh-so-kind-hearted Kathy (Everyday Bliss) and the honest, deep, juicy, oh-so-creative Connie (Dirty Footprints Studio):

Look at all of these generous gifts from Kathy!

A Tibetan Prayer Flag Kit...I've tried to research these before but now have it all in one place.  Perfect.

A Benjamin Franklin book - Kathy sent this to me after I mentioned that I had serendipitously run across good ol' Ben's name in random places over a period of several days.  Her blog is inspired by the virtues he followed so of course she would have more info on him!  I've already started reading this and am so intrigued by this man who I'd previously just let rest in my memory as a history textbook name.

This gorgeous card - I spent quite awhile studying many details!

Wish Papers - what a fun idea!  We did something like this in our yoga teacher training program but with regular papers.  I'm looking forward to trying this again...with wishes and with things I'm ready to let go of.

And beautiful, gentle prayer flags ready to be hung and spread their messages into the wind.  I just held these between my fingers for quite some time, dreaming of each of the messages and how my life would look if these qualities were present in greater amounts.

And from Connie....

How cool is this to open up the mailbox and be greeted with ART?!  Seriously.  I have this postcard near all of my art supplies not only to enjoy the delicious painting (did you see the "ME"s on there?  Yup.  She knows me.) :), but to try to soak in the inspiring message Connie sent as well.

To Kathy and Connie: You are beautiful women making a difference in so many people's lives.  I am honored to be but one of those.

Speaking of inspiration....

Once the kiddos stop tromping around like a pack of elephants and settle into bed, I plan to share with you some of the oh-so-fun projects on which I've been working...Yay!  (And then update the website and then reply to emails and then finish 3 more birthday presents and then get a glass of wine and then....well, we'll let the wine decide the rest.)


  1. oh wow- what beautiful gifts!!! I love the prayer flags...... and receiving ART in the mail? very cool. :)


  2. Oh, how FABULOUS!!! You will have to share all you can about the prayer flags! I am fascinated by those things! They are so neat!

  3. Beautiful gifts! I have the eye that matches your mouth :)

    I wanted to let you know, I mentioned your blog as one place I go for inspiration and if you are interested, there is a little "award" over at my place for you. No pressure, but wanted to acknowledge the gifts you so lovingly give out through your words, images and art.

    namasté - Lis

  4. Oh what lovely gifts you've received! The prayer flag kit looks mighty interesting, and I should definitely pick up good ole Ben's book, myself. I think there is still so much to be learned from him! Theresa

  5. Thanks for the shout out! I'm glad you like your present!

  6. I love those prayer flags!
    Between all that has been going on with me & my son's graduation, (grueling work week-last week)...mother's day and your race...I've missed you!
    xo, Cheryl