Sunday, May 2, 2010

Poetry Giveaway Winners!

Because they had so much fun last time, I recruited the kiddos to help me pick the winners for my poetry giveaway.

I began by printing out the 30 entries and cutting them into strips of paper that were entered into the basket.

This time, the kids wanted to be King & Butterfly Princess.
(The king doesn't have an official cape.  This one felt powerful enough.)

Costumes donned, the ceremony began.

We made sure to shake up the box.

The King picked first for the winner of the book, "The Love Poems of Rumi" (Ed. by Deepak Chopra)

(I made sure to hold the basket up so he couldn't peek in and read anyone's name.)

The Butterfly Princess picked second for the winner of the handmade poetry book, "One Day",  by moi!

Now what you've been waiting for,....

The winner of "The Love Poems of Rumi"

Kristin (* !!
*(I had two Kristin's enter...I made sure to put email addresses next to the second Kristin that entered on the entry slips so we could distinguish between the two) 

The winner of "One Day"

Indie Grrrl!

Congratulations to both winners!  I will be in touch via email to get your mailing addresses.

Of course, the fun couldn't be over then...both decided to play with the papers they had so carefully chosen.

I'm so excited to have participated in this and want to thank Kelli ( for hosting such a wonderful giveaway, as well as all of the wonderful people who entered and left such kind comments.

And I haven't forgotten...I did mention another giveaway in celebration of the opening of Strength To Be Me! That one will be posted soon - yet more chances to win!

Have a beautifully poetic evening!


  1. Lisa,
    Your mini me is so adorable! Both of them! Love the costumes. I always felt I was a lousy costume-maker. Thank goodness it doesn't take a lot to please a child!
    hugs, Cheryl

  2. Lisa...... Yay! Thanks so much!!! I just sent you an email. Please thank your PRINCESS too!

  3. Congrats to the lucky winners. Nice job, Kiddos !

  4. congrats to the amazingly lucky ducky winners!
    & such a sweet way to do the pickings,
    with wings & all!!

  5. we have the same Cars bedsheets!!! Evelyn favors that Mater pillowcase and Jack the McQueen one!

  6. I so love how you picked the winners! Two darling helpers!

    And you're very welcome, it was my pleasure to host this event! (And hope to next year as well!)

  7. sweet, sweet, sweet babies :)

    congrats to the winners.

  8. Love the process! The kids are so great!!! I'll try not to be too disgruntled! :) Congrats to the winners!!

  9. Congratulations to the very lucky winners! The helpers are so adorable! :)

  10. Oh my gosh these photos are adorable! :-) Congrats to the winners!