Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ten Years and Counting

From Then

Until Now

(yeah, the only photos we have of us recently are from the mini marathon!! hah!)

And each day after
We celebrate a love that has allowed us
to become "us"
and yet remain individuals...
and to find a growing
peace and constantly
renewed energy amidst it all.

To my husband - Happy 10th Anniversary.


  1. Oh, what sweet photos! Happy Anniversary to the both of you - and here's to another 10 more!!! :) Theresa

  2. Great photos! Happy Anniversary! And many congrats on the mini-marathon!

  3. You two are ADORABLE!! Congrats and decades year of more fun, health, and happiness!! BIG HUGS!

  4. Happy 10th! you guys look so cute in those pics, I can tell you both have a sense of humor :-D

  5. Happy anniversary -- I remember the wedding WOW 10yrs already
    Love you both Dana:)

  6. Happy anniversary!!!! We hit our 10 in December! I love it!!!

  7. A belated happy 10th anniversary! So sweet! And ten is a big milestone ... you all made it through years 7 and 8 which seem to be the rocky years for so many (maybe it is all that running together?)

    have a wonderful weekend celebrating :)

    (i am looking forward to my 22nd anniversary next week - yes, i was 10 when i got married :)

  8. Happy Anniversary and many more! Our's will be 25 in Nov :) Lots of ups and DOWNS but we are still here!!

  9. Congratulations!!! That is just terrific! Love the photos!!

  10. Thank you SO much to all of those to whom I couldn't directly respond. And congrats to those who just celebrated or are going to celebrate an anniversary soon. We feel so loved!