Monday, May 3, 2010

Our Stories Pioneer: Rachel Awes

The Guest Stories page at Strength To Be Me has been updated with our brave pioneer, Rachel Awes!

Rachel is a beautiful soul who weaves her psychology-rooted voice and her art-loving spirit into an inspiring and inviting being.  She maintains a simple & colorful blog at, as well as a fairly new Etsy shop at  (I'm honored to own one of her lovely pieces of art!)

View Rachel's simple but profound answers that I'm sure will leave you, 
as it left me, 
feeling comforted and inspired 


  1. her work is beautiful! love it! hugs!!

  2. Fabulous interview and so glad to have found your blog via Rachel. Love to you today!

  3. How inspiring! Her work is so fun and uplifting. Great choice for a guest writer! :) Theresa