Sunday, May 16, 2010


Got out of the house, despite the rain,
and visited a favorite local State Park. 

Came home, played with some of the digital pictures.
Watching my daughter walk away,
decided to title this,
"Letting Go."

Noticed the yummy yet anxiety producing stack of
still unfinished projects and materials from
The Artistic Mother's Group.

Decided to capture juuust a bit of an
art journal
for your viewing pleasure.
(Work still in progress)

(Textures galore - including tissue paper
techniques learned from Connie's

Played with one of my mother's day AMAZING Moleskin journal.


Preparing Dinner.



  1. Hey Lisa,
    Loving the photo's you took earlier in the not so sunny conditions. Great for you for getting out anyway!! It was gorgeous here, but I took time to set up an ART space in our basement.
    Cant wait to see your journal pages- they look great from the little sneak peek... Enjoy your evening.
    xo Sandy

  2. Love the photos from the park. Good for you- getting out in this rain. I love rain but am ready to get out and work in the yard. I cleaned this weekend. Not too exciting, but accomplished much.
    LOVE the art journal photos! Thanks for sharing with us.
    hug you, Cheryl

  3. WOW! Those pictures are amazing! I LOVE the shot from the stairs and your photographs in total - your journal page looks so cool - want to reach out and touch it! Kristin xo

  4. Those photos are really quite wonderful! It sounds like you got to be you this weekend and those are always the best ones!

  5. What gorgeous photographs! You're doing a wonderful job with your journal pages...need to actually START mine! Have a wonderful day, Lisa! Theresa

  6. Lisa, you are so talented! Sounds like it was a good, reflective, centering day for you!